FT MBA – P5 & P6 module list (Fall 2012)

Please find the updated module list for the FT MBA P5 & P6 offerings here: P5 & P6 Draft Schedule – Student Copy – April 10, 2012, and it has also been posted on our Current Students website. We are still working to confirm your PT MBA 2nd year schedule and will post this as soon as we are able.

We aren’t able to confirm the days/times yet when each module will be taught, but we know that some of you may be planning your remaining modules this year on what will be offered in P5 & P6 so wanted to post the list for your reference.

If you are planning on taking FT MBA modules in Fall 2012 please be aware that you will likely require flexibility in your work schedule in order to fit them into your schedule. FT MBA modules are scheduled around the needs of the FT MBA class and are mainly scheduled from 8am-6pm on weekdays.

Please note that the Finance offerings for the FT program have not been finalized yet – this list will be updated with this information as soon as it is available.

Some changes to be aware of:

  • BAHR 505 Leadership has a new code and is now called BA 564 Leadership
  • BAHR 507 Two-party Negotiations has a new name and is now called BAHR 507 Negotiations
  • BASC 511 Supply Chain Design has a new name and code and is now called BASC 524 Supply Chain Analytics
  • BASC 580C Optimizing the Organization’s Project Delivery Capability has a new name and code and is now called BASC 521 Project Governance and Oversight

We hope to be able to post the full schedules for both PT and FT MBA with days/times confirmed for each module sometime in May.

If you have any questions about the FT MBA P5 & P6 schedule or would like some help with your academic planning please contact Alina Yukhymets. 


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