Tuition Tax Receipts & General Tax Information

Tuition Tax Receipts (T2202A, T4A, and Transit Tax Credit)

  • Students can access their tax receipts (T2202A-tuition, T4A-if you worked for UBC, and Transit Tax Credit-U-Pass) on the Student Service Centre (SSC).
  • Tax receipts are made available on the SSC in early February.
  • Additional information on your T2202A receipts can be found on the Student Service Centre homepage under FAQ’s/Finances.

Pre-Core Courses & Your Tax Return

Pre-Core Courses are non-credit and therefore not eligible to be on the T2202A tax slips issued by UBC.  Students are issued a receipt via e-mail when they sign up for Pre-Core Program(s).  Because these courses are non-credit and not listed on the T2202A slips, they may not be eligible as a deduction on your tax return.  We encourage each participant to contact either Revenue Canada or an accountant as tax return rules and regulations change from year to year.

General Tax Return Information

In Canada, income tax is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Canadian income tax year is from January 1 to December 31. If you owe income tax, you have to pay it by April 30 for the preceding calendar year.

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