Assertiveness for Women Workshop: April 18

The ability to assertively communicate is crucial for success in any career that requires effective teamwork and collaboration. For women, assertive communication is an especially critical skill for developing confident professional identities. This interactive workshop will focus on the differences between communication styles, features of assertive language, and strategies for common challenges like managing expectations, and giving/receiving feedback.


Barbara Casson and Marcia Choi are partners in a results oriented consulting firm specializing in inter-professional team development and leadership education. Passionate about the work they do, they believe that effective working relationships, clear purpose, and collaborative practice form the foundation of high-performance teams and organizations.

With over 40 years of front-line experience, they have distinguished ourselves as realistic and authentic leaders who provide practical and thoughtful solutions.

Please sign up on COOL if you are interested in attending this workshop! Females Only.

*This workshop will count towards workshop credit requirements for those females who sign up and attend this session*

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