Welcome to my e-portfolio for ETEC 511 Foundations of Educational Technology in the Masters of Educational Technology Program (MET) at the University of British Colombia (UBC).

I started the program a week ago and am just hanging on as I am immersed into the world of educational technology.  Because I am on maternity leave from my grade 2/3 French Immersion position in Kelowna B.C. this fall, I thought I’d take three courses to lighten my course load for when I return to work in January.  Three courses in the MET program is a full time job!  However, I am very motivated to learn and am highly interested in the subject matter so I enjoy it.

This is my first online course and I love discussing pertinent issues with people from all over the world.  We all come from various professional backgrounds, cultures and experiences so I read many interesting perspectives and ideas that will only improve me as a teacher and person.

I look forward to learning many applications that I can use in my primary class and beyond in ETEC 511.

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