“Activity for “Whither Psychoanalysis in Computer Culture?”

Turkle suggests that “in cyberspace, identity is fluid and multiple, a signifier no longer clearly points to a thing that is signified and understanding is less likely to proceed through analysis than by navigation through virtual space” (p. 24). She acknowledges that Freudian ideas about a unified identity have fallen out of favour, and contemporary psychoanalytic research is focusing on what Freudian theory overlooked: the multiplicity of identity. The multiple, distributed selves we create in cyberspace reflect this shift and offer new ways of thinking about identity.

We would like to invite you to show us another version of yourself. Have a look at the little Xtranormal movie on our blog in which Sheila becomes Hilary Clinton and Brianne becomes Sarah Palin for a few minutes. Then go to Xtranormal.com, create a movie using a different version of yourself and post the link here (please press “reply”–do not create a new post).

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