Aboriginal Math K-12 Symposium: Sharing Approaches for Improving Aboriginal Mathematics Education

February 8, 2013, UBC First Nations Longhouse (1985 West Mall), 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.


The 3rd Aboriginal Math K-12 Symposium is an opportunity for teachers, administrators, ministry representatives, community members, and academics to connect, explore, imagine and share new ideas, resources and research on Aboriginal mathematics education from kindergarten to Grade 12.

  • Learn about new research in mathematics and Aboriginal education
  • Discuss and share approaches, research and educational projects for improving Aboriginal math education
  • Develop community connections to facilitate and support improving Aboriginal math education
  • Participate in building an Aboriginal Math K-12 province-wide network

Dedicated time will be given to participants wishing to share highlights of their math education teaching or research projects (10 minutes each).

Sponsors: Indigenous Education Institute of Canada- UBC Faculty of Education & Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.

Hosts: Jo-ann Archibald, Cynthia Nicol – UBC Faculty of Education; Melania Alvarez, PIMS

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