Ideas & Lessons

Igniting the Sparkle Presentation Summaries 2018:
Lessons and ideas shared at the 2018 Symposium by:
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Amanda Fritzland: Living Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education in Relationship with Land

Janice Novakowski: Mathematical Experiences in The Studio

David Barnum: The Community as a Classroom

Lori Phillip: Supporting Indigenous Students

Dana Bjornson: Third Space Learning: Creating non-oppressive learning spaces for all of our students.

Jesse Hills: AskiBoys

Kim Padington: Georgia Park First Nation Math Kits (GPFNMAKT)

Sheloah Klausen: Salish Forms of Teaching Algebra


Weaving a Quarter Bag Instructions (Anjeanette Dawson)


Permuted Art (Dr. Shawn Desauliners)



Tluuwaay Waadluxan Math Adventures Problem: Bentwood boxes




Paul Beland- Lillooet Secondary School- Grade 8 Math- Questions



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    Many thanks for the wonderful and inspiring information.

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