Syllabus 2016

Instructor: Sally Hermansen (
Office: Room 144, Geography Building
Office Hours: Tues. after class or by appointment,

RA: András Szeitz (
Office Hours:  Fridays  10-12 and Mondays 1-2 (only for weeks before A2 and A4 are due)
Room: 215D geography  

Lecture Time: Tuesday 2-5
Lecture Location: Geography building room 229

Lab Time: there are no scheduled lab times, students work independently  
Lab Location: Room 115 and room 239 are available for student use when they are free. Schedules are printed outside lab rooms.
Lab Fee: A $20 lab fee is collected at the beginning of of term (photocopying, computer lab maintenance). Printing is extra, you pay as needed: 10 cents for black and white, 40 cents for colour. The lab fee is optional in that if you do the assignments with open source software, or have the student copy of ArcGIS loaded on your laptop, you will not need to pay the lab fee.

The Team:

Sally Hermansen Faculty Geography Department see home page and is the Instructor for the course. Sally has worked in the area of GIScience for 30 years (yikes) including a consultant for ESRI before coming to UBC in 2000.

Joey Lee ( Joey is a geographer and interaction designer interested in computation and collaboration.  His work is centered around maps and visuals – with data, technology, and code as his main media. Joey was hired at an RA to work with this class in 2015 and designed the class tutorials that are found at his github site.

Andras Szeitz is a senior undergraduate student in Geography (BSc) and will provide data geospatial data programming support for the course. Andras is currently working on a project with Dan Moore where he analyzed the change in glacier extent and the revegetation of the deglaciated landscape using the R programming language.

Dawn Mooney will provide some support for the infographics and graphing Adobe Illustrator section of the course. Dawn is a sessional lecturer in our department teaching cartography (GEOB372) and is a Geographer in the UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) where she supports researchers in geospatial data visualisation.

Textbook: Alberto Cairo, the functional art (optional, can order on-line).There are also 2 copies of this book in the GIC.


Final Project
55% (A1: 5%; A2: 10%; A3: 20%; A4: 15%; A5: 5%)
10% (discussions in class, 5 minute discussions on assignments, look of blog site)

 Late Policy: A penalty of 1 mark per day will be deducted for late assignments; weekends count as one day. So if the assignment is out of 40 marks, and you received 35/40 but were 4 days late handing it in, your mark will be 31/40. If you are unable to complete an assignment in time, you must contact your instructor before the assignment is due.