Readings & Lectures

Lecture slides are posted here. They are password protected.

Readings available either on-line or are available on reserve in the Geography Information Centre (GIC); unless otherwise indicated.

Sept 13
Review Cartographic Theory of Design

– Dodge, McDerby and Turner, Geographic Visualization, Forward xi-xvi and Chapter 1, pp 1-10
– Tufte, E. Beautiful Evidence, Graphics Press, 2006 pp. 122-139 (GIC)
– Slocan, Thematic Cartography and Geographic Visualization, Ch. 1 (1.2,1.2,1.3), Ch. 10 and Ch 11 (GIC)

Lecture: week1_2016

Sept 20
Processing video

Sept. 27
Process Models of Cartographic Communication
– Robinson, Petchenik, “The Map as a Communication System,” Cartographic Journal, 1975 12: 7-15
– MacEachren, How Maps Work, 1995 1-11 (GIC)

(optional – Hermansen, S. “Teaching Cartography in Academia, Teaching Cartography in Academia: A Historical Reflection and Discussion of a 2007 Survey of Canadian Universities”, Cartographica, 2010)

Lecture: cartographic communication cartographiccomm_16

Data Visualization Pipeline:  Ben Fry Chapter 1

Lecture: Ben Fry’s Data Visualization Pipeline bfrydataviz_16

Infographics Introduction 

Lecture: Infographic examples; infogrpahicsvisualizations_16

lecture: Cairo The Functional Art:   cairoandtufte_16

Oct 4
Visual System, Visual Cognition and Eye Movement Studies and Cartographic Design
– A. Cairo, the functional art, 2013 Chapter 5 and 6
– Coltekin, A. 2009. “Evaluating the effectiveness of interactive map interface designs: a case study integrating usability metrics with eye-movement analysis”. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 36(1): 5–17.

Lecture: vision cognition perception and cartographic design  visioncognitionperception_16

Infographic Plots and Charts 
– A. Cairo, the functional art, 2013 Chapter 3 and 4

Lecture: Dawn Mooney plots and charts graphing

Oct 11  – Oct. 18
Web mapping R and leaflet

Oct. 25
Map Use and Map Design: from static to interactive
– Robert E. Roth, Kevin S. Rossand Alan M. MacEachren. “User-Centered Design for Interactive Maps: A Case Study in Crime Analysis” ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. (2015),4(1), 262-301; doi:10.3390/ijgi4010262

Lecture: Infographic Review infographic-marking_16
Lecture: Map Use and Map Design; User Centred Design mapusedesign_user centred design_16

Nov 1
Deconstructing the Map
Harley, 1989 “Deconstructing the Map,” Cartographica, 6/1: 1-20 (available on-line UBC library)

Lecture: Deconstruction deconstruction_16

Nov. 8
CartoDB tutorial 

Lecture: Web Mapping webcart_16

Nov 15
Sampler of Cartography:

1.Community Mapping: First Nations Traditional Use Mapping
Tobais, T. 2000 Chief Kerry’s Moose read forward, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Lecture: Community mapping firstnationsmapping_16

2. Mapping History
Knowles, A. 2002 “Introducing Historical GIS” in Past Time Past Place GIS for History ESRI Press pp. xi-xx GIC)
Stanford Spatial History Project

lecture: Mapping History mapping_history_16 and Camosun Bog cb

3. Teaching Mapping to Children

lecture: teachingspatialconceptselninoandhenryatlas_16

4. Art and Maps

lecture: illustrated-maps-and-cartography

Nov. 22
Overview of Research in Cartography

lecture: in class discussion of reserach journal articles research_16

Nov 29 Final Project presentations