The Master and Margarita

I have to say that I really enjoyed this novel that we read. It was actually pretty nice to finally read something that was not a play, or like, the bible. It was easier to read as well, because the story moved along and was interesting. However, I have to say that the whole devil theme we are going through in Arts One right now is creeping me out a little. Every time he showed and people died, I was like oh crap……..


While reading the novel, I found myself sometimes wondering “Who is Satan hiding in this time?”. After I picked up on the trend that he is always a mysterious foreigner, I began to understand where and who he was.  I also loved how in the text, they would say things like “what the devil are you talking about “, but not being aware, that the actual devil was with them at the time.


One thing brought up in the lecture today was how Margarita sold her soul to the devil. I actually never even thought that anybody did, and so I would love to here more on that topic and see what everybody is saying about it!!



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