March Recipe Contest

Agora’s 1st Monthly Baking Contest in session! Send in your favourite recipes for your home-made baked goods, and the winner will have their recipe featured and sold in Agora for the whole month of March!

Contest date:
-from now until the end of Reading break (Feb 22)

How to submit:

1) Please E-mail your recipe to
2) or, come drop it by Agora Cafe during our open hours: 9am- 3pm

Contest rules:
-submit a recipe that does not include fresh fruit (i.e. bananas). The reason for this is because Agora cafe will make the winner’s recipe with ingredients that we have stocked in the cafe. (An except to this are Dried fruits and frozen blueberries!)

-recipes must be received before Feb 22, 2013

-Send us a recipe that uses simple ingredients
-Use a recipe that is quick and easy to prepare
-Don’t forget about vegan and gluten-free recipes!

So, what are you waiting for, we challenge you to surprise us with your best baked good recipe! (Can you beat our famous granola bars?)