Please take a look at the job descriptions below:

applications due Wednesday, March 13th.

Duties of Each Executive Committee Member

  • Obtain Food Safe Level 1
  • Attend Training Day and all weekly meetings
  • Be scheduled for a minimum of a 3-hour weekly shift at Agora throughout each semester
  • Document all acquired knowledge of their position in a transition report at the conclusion of their position.
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 consecutive semesters in their position on the executive committee

Brand and Development Manager
Creates advertisements, posters, signage, etc. as necessary. Represents Agora at external events such as Imagine UBC Day and faculty wellness expos. Creates and distributes a monthly or bi-annual Agora newsletter. Improves Agora’s operations through researching, developing and implementing ideas from the executive committee.

Web and Technology Manager
Maintains Agora’s website, facebook page, and twitter account on a weekly basis to keep volunteers informed. Works with HR manager to format and upload the volunteer application form prior to the start of each semester.
Approximate number of hours: variable; allow 10-15 minutes per day for checking Agora blog/ FB/twitter accounts, and providing daily Agora updates

Prep Shift Manager

Manages the scheduling of all prep shift leaders, and coordinates communication between the inventory manager and the prep shift leaders. Responsible for training prep shift volunteers and leaders in basic cooking skills and kitchen safety. Creates a schedule for all the hot menu recipes in advance at the start of each month. Revises all hot menu recipes for each semester to ensure that ingredients follow seasonality trends. Coordinates recipes with finance and inventory manager prior to start of each semester and works to generate a cost breakdown for each recipe to ensure cost neutrality. Develops new recipes to replace older or ineffective recipes.
Approximate number of hours: 4 hours/week (2.5 hours – 1 weekly prep shift, 1.5 hours – weekly recipe planning and scheduling)

Food Safety Manager
Updates and maintains Agora’s cleaning schedules and temperature logs. Ensures that the first-aid kit, hand soap, and cleaning supplies are properly supplied in Agora; and notifies inventory manager of items that require purchase. Updates Agora’s food safety instructions, forms and signage at the beginning of each semester in accordance with current menu items and Food Safe regulations from Vancouver Coastal Health. Ensures that laundry in Agora (i.e. used cloths and aprons) is done as needed. Ensures that all menu items served at Agora follow Food Safe standards. Organizes a task list for cleaning day at the end of each semester.
Approximate number of hours: 1-3 hours/week

Prep Shift Leader

Responsible for leading one prep shift per week – by managing and supervising a team of 2-3 volunteer in preparing one of Agora’s hot entree items. Receives updates and recipes from Prep Shift Manager at the start of each week. Responsible for preparing, cooking, and storing entrees in a safe and timely manner. Depending on day-to-day circumstances, may also be required to improvise and change recipe as needed. Responsible for cleaning and locking up cafe at the end of the shift.
Approximate number of hours: 3 hours/week (3:30-6 prep shift, plus pre-shift preparation)