LFS Food Fest

To celebrate Rickey Yada as our new Dean of LFS, the Faculty is hosting the LFS Food Fest at the UBC farm. Tickets are $5, and we will be selling them here at Agora! Come welcome our new Dean with an afternoon of food and fun!

First week back!

It’s been a week that Agora has opened for the 2014 Fall Term, and what a week it has been!

Thank you to all for being patient as we have worked to train our just over 100 new volunteers. We had a record high of volunteer applicants this year, so big shout out to our HR manager Evelyn for organizing and scheduling our new (and some returning) Agorians.

This term at Agora we’re working to make some changes, and hope to hear some feedback from you, our lovely customers! Something the Exec team has been going back and forth on is the option to serve decaf coffee in addition to our regular coffee. Please help us out let us know what you think here!

Have a great week everyone!