Phenology on the bluffs: Part II

Saturna May 7

And here are the same trees, a little less that two weeks later. Funny weather at Saturna this morning, it was warm (guessing 20 C) when I left in the morning and then the fog on the ocean slowly lifted and then more quickly, and more quickly, started to whip up the hills. I was freezing by 9 am. But it was still gorgeous. A small sampling of some of the species in flower now below:



And, for now, over and out.


Phenology on the bluffs

Saturna Bluffs

Just a quick note of introduction and a promise of blog posts to come. I am a postdoc in the Biodiversity Centre studying global and local patterns of how plant communities alter their phenology — specifically the timing of leafing and flowering — with climate (a photo from my current field site is above, it’s a Gary Oak ecosystem along the Saturna Bluffs; taken on 25 April this year). I joined the Aitken lab recently to think more about how species balance trade-offs in phenology between plasticity and local adaptation.

I am leaving on a long week trip next week but will return with updates this summer!