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    New Jumps, New Starts, New Beginnings, New Connections.

    As I initiate this wonderful four year journey at UBC, I am just getting a taste of life at UBC in the Jumpstart Program that I am currently enrolled in. I arrived at UBC on the 15th of August and the size of the campus simply astounded me. Believe me lazy guys out there, if you are enrolled in the winter session, be PREPARED to do some serious walking. This campus is HUUUUUGE. I recommend bringing in some running shoes that you are comfortable with.

    Apart from the scale of the campus and the first impressions apart, I really enjoyed my first week of Jumpstart and the campus in general. We had an array of events ranging from meeting our RA’s (Residence Advisors) to AC’s (Academic coaches) to our floor mates and our house mates. The campus will take your breath away and if there is a photographer out there reading this, be sure to bring your camera and photo equipment. The staff’s quite friendly and will assist you with any problems you have. The lecture halls are quite spacious and conducive to academic growth We received a map of the campus and finding places on the UBC map is an art in itself. You will get to know about places and associations such as the SUB, IKB, AMS and REC (Don’t be worried you will figure them out once you are on campus). There is a place called the village in the campus where all the major stores are located from banks to convenient stores. The University even has its own beaches and a forest.

    If you really want to see the beauty of the campus, take a nightwalk around campus. I visit the flag pole every night and the Koerner library just lights up under the moonlight. The view is spectacular. Again, this is just a small part of the campus. There are a lot more places to explore on campus. There is even a robotic library and a forest on the campus. There is a rose garden near the flag pole and the rose garden overlooks the ocean and some visually stunning mountains. Now that is truly amazing.

    You may be wondering why I did not mention anything about the Vancouver city. After all it is the most lovable and one of the cleanest cities of the world. The sad part is that I visited the city only once last week and what I saw was LEGENDARY. We took the 99-B line to the city (that’s the line you will be using most often).  We went to popular places like Robson Street and Granville Island. The scenic beauty and the visually appealing Vancouver skyline are genuinely remarkable.

    Before arriving at UBC, I was a bit excited and a bit anxious. But, it is one of the best places I have ever been to. You will experience the same when you land on campus in September.

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