Harvard University Offers Free Tuition to Low Income Families



As one of the most prestigious Universities in the world that has been competing for the global number 1 spot for years, Harvard is finally matching its biggest American competitors, such as Yale and Stanford, in offering free tuition to low income families. (e.g. Yale: http://admissions.yale.edu/financial-aid-prospective-students) Harvard’s selling points have consistently been its reputation for giving a high quality education, being a leader in the Ivy League, and the success of their graduates; affordability, albeit there are existing financial aid options, is not exactly the first thing that pops into mind when discussing Harvard in a casual dinner conversation. As a consequence, Harvard has positioned itself as a more “rich people’s path and poor people’s dream”, since most students coming from low income families are struggling to meet the financial demand or are in considerable debt from loans.  With the help of this newly implemented financial aid options, I believe Harvard can expand its target market and allow a broader audience to become appealed to the school as price wouldn’t be one of the factors to deter students from a Harvard education. Harvard education. Also, another benefit for the school would be the student portion of the stakeholders would feel a stronger affective commitment towards the school.

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