Achievement Unlocked: You Found a Dead Blog!

I’ve Been Away From UBC Blogs for Half a Year.  How is it You Found This?

Oh my.  Oh my oh my oh my.  How long has it been?

I must confess I forgot to update my blog entirely.  And while I know admitting such a thing is usually a shameless way of flaunting your cool and hipster indifference towards your commitments, I think we’re all forgetting that I’m a bit of a twat.  And I don’t mean that in a harsh way, just a sort of… British way.  You know, how everything you say has a ring of truth in it but it’s so sarcastic that’s it’s stuck between an insult and a (somehow) brilliant piece of self-criticism? Yes, that’s the spot.  And trust me, I’ll be mentioning Britain a lot starting now–not because of the 2012 Olympics, as you might think, but because I made the mistake of reading Stephen Fry’s autobiography too quickly, and deluded myself into thinking I understood it and that I can now use the wit and the words he does.  Yes, I am aware that I am a fool.

Before I head into my ‘highlighted’ topics for this post, I’d like to clarify that I am perfectly aware I’m definitely a far stretch from being an ex-Blog Squad member–I mean I had like, what, a handful of posts (how does one take a handful of posts, I wonder?) and never went to meetings–guess I’m a stray blogger!
So here we are, as I unprofessionally swing into action again while neglecting to explain what’s happened to cause my absence since April.  I’ll at least give a good wrap-up of the Summer thus far, as well as some things I’d genuinely like to share about my First Year experience for anyone willing to read.
And while we’re speaking about unprofessionalism, I’m going to maybe begin to throw in some .GIF images that are topically linked with the sentence directly before it because GIFs always make blogs look credible I mean look at Tumblr that’s so not completely garbage.  Let’s get started.  Casually.


“So How Was First Year?”

You have no idea how many times I get this question (actually most of you probably do).  Now, of course, it’s a perfectly understandable and almost necessary question to ask a Second Year once they’ve just finished their first year at university.  It’s a good topic that can go into loads of different pathways of discussion, ranging from future plans to funny or difficult experiences, and academic life in general… that is, unless you have the social prowess that I posess, and you blandly reply:
“It was…. interesting.  It was different.  I don’t know.  Cool.”
Bring out the champagne, everybody, somebody just won the Conversationalist of the Year Award.
Now while I promise you I am usually more articulate than that, I really don’t have a good way to describe my first year experience yet.  Maybe ‘average’ is a good word.  It doesn’t imply it was amazing, nor bad–just average.  I’ve just read over all my horrendously self-indulgent blog posts during first year, and I must say, they sum things up pretty well.  I won’t go into it here, so if you happen to be curious, I refer you to my earlier posts.  The posts’ lack of hope or enthusiasm might be a little over-dramatic, but such is my personality when I’m online.  Or at least, on a blog that gets monitered by the school–God knows what you’d all think of me and my extreme geekiness if you saw my Tumblr.

(…It’s not that bad.  Although my enormous post last year about Batman Arkham City alone is probably proof enough that there is something is certainly foul in the state of Denmark I just compared my life to Denmark what…)


Summer Housing at Fairview: No View.  Also: Not Fair to Late Sleepers.

If you ever move into Fairview Residence in the Summer, and are of a Night-Owl disposition, please be aware that the nice little coffee shop/’Beanery’ located directly across from your building may soon be causing you PTSD.  While you’re fast asleep, the whole world and their dogs wake up and decide to share their sunny-morning-attitude with the world by sitting outside, having a nice cup of coffee, and having a long conversation (I realize the flawed wording of that last sentence implies that dogs drink coffee and have long conversations too–I’d fix that, but let’s be honest, how awesome would that be).  I obviously have no problem with people having a good morning, but the inconvenient location of my room (plus the open window) makes it feel like the conversation is happening right next to my ear.

Over the past four months, I have heard a staggering variety of loud conversations, which include (but are not limited to): a man and his opinion of shoujo manga, three men discussing the EU economy crisis, a child repeatedly reporting to his father that he “saw a squirrel” I mean that’s totally amazing it’s not like there’d be squirrels in an area surrounded by trees, and my favourite–a boy named Timothy complaining to his mother that a bush hit him in the face in revenge after he threw a pine cone at it.

Small ‘nitpicks’ include: the noise of the park and children’s playground next to my building, the sunlight & heat of Summer (at least that’s not a problem in any other time of the year in Vancouver), and the ants.  How did we get ants? Let me put it in a way where I’m not pointing any fingers, but the reason can still be deduced by simple logic on your part.  The kitchen is filthy because those who use it don’t clean up after themselves, thus attracting the ants.  Also an important note: as a meal card glutton, I’ve never used the kitchen in Fairview.


That Was The Summer of My Discontent…

Yeah, that was my Summer.  Seriously.  I mean, I briefly remember all those 3DS games I bought and used as an excuse not to come out of my room, but asides from that, it’s all very hazy.  Some serious and yet boring memories about metaphorically throwing in the towel and wanting to leave UBC for good, going to Calgary and realizing there really isn’t anything out there (okay that’s unfair: you have strip malls and… ranches), and a month at an illustration school.  Those were probably the most interesting, eventful, and life-changing things in my summer but why anybody would want to read about that really confuses me.  You’re here to listen to me rant about boys finding squirrels in Fairview and my social ineptitude, right? Right!
Kidding.  But they’re probably not things to go on at length about on a UBC blog so I’ll just… move on… I wish I had a good GIF for this instead of communicating with words like a normal functioning BLOGGER

I might be talking about my classes next time.  By that, I mean I definitely will be, but I was trying to create suspense until my curious need to analyze and reiterate all the intricacies of my writing style kicks in and I basically destroy any hope I have for creating an atmosphere that actually makes readers wonder what’s going to happen next or come back to this blog at all.

So yeah, classes, it’ll maybe be a nice topic since I think I actually just found a do-able major that I actually care about (you mean a person can find not just a degree but inner purpose at an educational institution?! WHOA).  Until… later! Eventually! Soon!
…Maybe.  IdunnowhenI’mjustgonnagogetsomecoffeeandleavenowkthxbai

– Alyssa

Edit: Oh my god.  I just read everything over.  When I blog, I sound like I’m 10 and on an unstable dosage of something brain-damaging.

Hello. That is All.

While it’s no surprise that I have the blog updating consistency equal to the Vancouver weather forecast accuracy, I suppose one could say my overly-long absence from the UBC Blog scene has been far too long–even by my standards.  True, no one seemed to notice, and while that may drive a lot of people’s already insecure little ego’s twirling around in a hurricane of “why-does’t-anyone-care-about-my-blog” bouts of depression, I was rather relieved that no one had pointed out my glaringly obvious lack of commitment.  No uniformed Blog Patrollers breathing down my neck, thank you.

But now is the time to right the wrongs of the past and say: “Hey.  I was gone, and I’m back now.  For all you know, I’ve been lost in an entire dimension altogether.”  (Which would actually be a good way to rationalize why I behave the way I do on a regular basis…).  On with the show, yes?


I’ll keep this simple–I don’t know why I didn’t try to do German earlier.  It’s like I finally have a reason to tell my mom that watching obscure European art house films in high school like a pretentious lonely little hipster was a good idea.  I couldn’t have picked an easier course.  While I know many people could probably spin circles around me in Math or Econ, I am happy to say I know how to boost my mark in my own way–a good old fashioned language course.  And suddenly, I’m starting to miss French…
I’m sorry Spanish.  After our AP Course together I just feel that we should start seeing other people.

Otherwise, everything else is what I expected.  JAPN101 is the same stuff I did last term except harder and you actually have a responsibility to remember the 100 stuff (Remember my vocabulary? Surely you jest).  ENGL110 is great.  …Okay, I have some tiffs about it but who’d be stupid enough to outrightly insult anything about the course or the teachers while they’re still taking it? (I consider Econ an exception last term).  VISA110… Visual Arts.  Yeah.  I don’t know why I’m in it either.  Everytime someone teaches me Photoshop “for the first time” I’m reminded of tasting salt–I first pinch you get is alright, but by the third one you’r already feeling like you’re going to foam at the mouth and die like a slug.  …Alright, not everyone has had the fortunate experience of using “high-tech” stuff like Photoshop but sometimes the ability to abuse ‘missing’ classes tempts you the way going to Hubbards at 11:00PM is tempting as well.

Oh, right… I forgot to mention Creative Writing 208.  It’s a “Graphic Novel” course.  Again… I’ll talk about it… later.  I’m not afraid of making enemies but not now, thanks.

More Procastination… But In 3D!

So I got my hands on a 3DS.  While some people may read this and immediately peg me down for a brainless idiot who mindlessly follows the gimmicky plots of Nintendo to string along its followers (by way of repetitive titles and stupid non-sensical “industry changing innovations” like 3D), I’d prefer you to keep your elitist, FPS/Action-Adventure/Beat-Em-Up thoughts to yourself (because I know you play those) and let me have my childish fun.  Because, face it, I used to attack the 3DS too.  I looked at this over-sized DS and thought, “Surely no one needs this piece of crap.  The 3D isn’t particularly mind-blowing, and you have to be facing it a certain way as if you were a robot with a crane neck.  I mean, we can’t all be Arnold Schwarzenneger.  Silly Nintendo.”

And then Nintendo announced the following titles exclusively for Nintendo 3DS: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, Tales of the Abyss 3DS Port, Animal Crossing 3DS, and a slew of less ridiculously JRPG-esque titles that made me literally hate myself for deciding never getting a 3DS.

Anyways, the limited edition Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time bundle came out, and I was immediately drawn to the wonders of having a 3DS just by looking at how nice it was (I was drawn to use the words ‘aesthetically pleasing’ but then remembered that might make it seem like more than it actually is).

The features are great–my favourite being StreetPass, a reminder why it is important, even as a gamer, to get like 10 minutes of sunshine a day.  No, it’s not like I’d have any other reason to see other people in the outside world *hides into cave*.  I’m only slightly joking.  With Vancouver being the way it is it’s either too damn cold or rainy or both for me to ever want to step outside never mind open a window to prevent myself from suffocating in my room surrounded by the odour of cup noodle flavouring powder.

Sad thing is when you get a 3DS but no one you know has one.  Then you end up with an empty friends list and the sinking feeling that either you don’t have friends, or your friends are all losers who judged the 3DS too harshly as you did from the beginning.  Nevertheless, I’m still playing away at this thing and budgeting out how I’m going to afford the Kingdom Hearts bundle to come.  Thanks Honour Roll, for not hiring me.  May the endless cycle of no job, no experience, no experience, no job forever haunt me.  I really need a job and it isn’t as if I haven’t looked.

That said, I’m going to end my little tirade as I’m starting to become overly furious about the idea that I’m still unemployed.  I’ll retreat back to my German textbook while spamming the A Button on my 3DS at hand.  It’s not like you need skill to play a Zelda game OHOHOHOHOHO.


Next time… God knows what.  Or even when.

Adieu, Exams, Parting Is Such Sweet Awesomeness

Or should I say: Term One is TERM-INATED? AHAHAHAHAHA … ಠ_ಠ

…Anyways, I’m really glad that’s all done and over with.  Now, I’m not about to tell you how I think the marks went because I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up disappointed, but I’m waiting to see for myself.  Until then, here’s a pretty good summary (in sketch form, because the awesome peeps over at Blog Squad reminded me it’s a good idea to stick to my promise of sketches ;P).  I apologize for the lack of effort in this sketch, but if you had the week that I just had, you’d probably have carpal tunnel and a permanent brain fart clogging up your cerebrum.*
*Slight exaggeration

JAPANESE: OH NO A THIN BOOKLET.  THAT CAN ONLY MEAN IT’S HARD.  (Thick beginner language exams usually mean there are easy conjugation tables and such, unless you have that cruel prof who makes a long and difficult exam to make sure you die and stay dead).

Click for full size

Okay, so you’re looking at this, had a few good laughs because my sense of humour and comical wit has really gotten the best of you, and thought, “Wait a minute, that’s just three exams.  And the subjects aren’t even that hard.  What do you mean by a tough week? Explain!”
To which I’d say: … Well to be honest I’d say nothing.  I mean if you’d actually go up to my face and say that I’d tag you as a judgemental critic and walk away.  You might as well be the tree up there.  Yeah that’s right.  I WENT THERE.

Joking aside… it was tough because of the lineup of exams being in the first week of exams, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday.  I barely found enough time to study for all of them, and the real problem was ECON.  It makes no sense to me.  You could sit me down for a tutorial for hours and hours, and I’d still walk away with a terrible mark in anything I tried.  This is because I was not built for Econ.  My brain supports writing terrible poetry, stupid gags on blogs that I think are funny, drawing ridiculous cartoons, and a love for impromptu jokes filled with biting sarcasm.  I don’t have much talent for looking at graphs and data, or figuring out index numbers or other logic related things.  I’m logically retarded, one could say in a rather politically incorrect fashion and personally I think we could all use a little less PC in the world, but I don’t mind.  I’ve done my best in studying Econ, and failed.  I can’t ask for anything more.


As for Japanese and English, I tried pretty hard but I’m not sure they’ll turn out that great.  There was so much stuff I had to remember for Japanese that I think I must’ve made quite a few silly mistakes on the exam.  And English… I can never finish an English exam.  How the hell do you write so much in so little time.
But these are my personal problems.  The main point I wanted to make was that: a. university exams are still the same old pain in the butt as the exams I had in high school, and b. if you’re really not fit for a course, I advise you don’t take it.  With regard to the first point, a lot of professors stress that high school is very different from university.  Which it is, in many ways.  But for me, academically, it’s just like high school.  We had to read enormous textbooks, write in a very out-of-box kind of way (not the typical boring 5-paragraph structure) and do tests and exams just like this.  My school prepared me pretty well in that regard if only they’d done something about the anti-social behaviour and the sick sense of humour, maybe life would be a bit easier right now, and I wasn’t too stressed during any of the exams.  Just keep your head clear, and everything will be fine if you know you studied hard.
Hell, I had a 3.5-4 hour exam for AP Spanish last year.  Longest.  Most.  Excruciating.  Thing.  Ever.  And you know what was funny about that? I was the only person who took it.  I was alone in that room with the invigilator.  The oral questions were so awkward when you’re talking to a computer mic by yourself in a room and the invigilator’s just like: “That’s a crap answer.”  Well they don’t say it, but you look into their eyes and you just know, silently, they’re pulling a Hans Landa.  They know you’ve messed up.  And they’re going to order your the strudel.
(If you haven’t watched Inglourious Basterds, I’m so sorry for confusing you with pastry references…)

Now, for the second point, I really hope others know that taking courses that aren’t for you are a bad idea.  “I want this course ’cause it’s a GPA booster–” WAIT.  “Well it can’t be that hard, I mean I’m terrible at everything related to it but I’m sure it–” NO.  “Well I’m awful at logic, math, and econ stuff but Gateman can’t be that har–” NONONONO.  Heed my warning: If you see a class that interests you, think beore you try.  It’s good to research, explore, and find new things, and also take risks once in a while, I mean it can be good for you.  BUT DO YOUR RESEARCH.  If you know nothing about a course, you can either come out of it happier than you imagine, or very likely, wonder why the hell you took it and do poorly or just average.  Know what you’re getting yourself into.  And do all that typical stuff advisors tell you: Look up the course, see if you know anyone who’s in it, ask people what the course is like.
I hate to sound like your mother (unless your mother doesn’t talk about these things, like mine… oh the irony…) but it’s a big revelation for me after this exam.  Just make good choices if it’s in your power.  Life’s a crazy ride but don’t purposely jump into the one cart that’s missing a wheel and plummet down the roller coaster hill.
Because that’s just stupid.

That’s all from me for now.  Next week I’ll stop harrassing you with life lessons that you already know and talk about Christmas and other fun things.  Good luck to all of you who are still doing exams! Ganbatte!


EDIT: For some reason I’ve grown attached to the tree drawing.  It’s just so… sassy.

It’s That Time Again!

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the yeaaaaar~~ ♫  …Wait, you thought I was talking about the holiday season? Ahaha, no, silly, EXAMS are here! Aren’t you all excited?! 😀


Biting sarcasm aside, I hope I don’t fail everything and fall flat on my face in despair… with a hint of depression.  I have one exam tomorrow (Monday), one the day after, and then one more on Friday.  I’m glad I only have three exams but I really wish they weren’t at the beginning–I’ve barely had enough time to go over Econ, which isn’t my strong point I’m not being modest, I literally stepped out with two midterms at 62%.  I need my average to be pretty damn high at the end of this year for personal reasons of egotism so with that said… Econ do not fail me.  You too, English.  If English bites me in the ass it will be the most ironic thing ever, but the joke’s too obscure, you’ll never have heard of it… i.e. I’m supposed to be really good at it.






It’s that time of the year again! You know, the one where you realize your midterms are over, you’re breathing a sigh of relief, only to turn two pages in your planner and realize that your finals are in two weeks.  You panic.  You writhe, foaming at the mouth, and die.  Or I dunno, maybe that was just me.  But don’t worry.  I cleaned up all the froth.

Seriously though, I can’t believe Term 1’s almost over.  I’m just not ready for this… plus I actually have an oral test for Japanese next week.  Ahahah… Oh man just put me in the slammer already, I don’t think I can handle all this work without going crazy.  I hope everyone else has started studying early, get that pressure off your chest.  But of course, there are the few of you, like some of my friends, who are still struggling with term papers and such and have just as busy a week as any in your lives at UBC thus far.  So, to you, I say good luck.  Or “ganbatte”, as I have learnt in Japanese, but also Econ.  I don’t know why Prof. Gateman has put in all these Asian language/culture references in his GBook but there you are…
That man is such a mystery.  I don’t even.

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while.  Been busy, but also been slacking.  You all know how I am with updating.  Nothing hugely important has happened since I last posted… which is a long time ago.  But still.  Have an appropriate picture:

I love Kim Possible, I don't care how old I get.


English was fine until I found out I hated the book we had to read.  It’s like 400 pages.  And I know many of you will compare this measley amount to the large textbooks and whatnot that you’ve struggled with in your lives–to you, I say, THERE IS NOTHING WORSE FOR ME THAN MY AP BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK.  Still, this book is awful–while textbooks are boring and know it, fiction novels have a very set purpose: NEVER WASTE YOUR READERS’ TIME.  Thus, it should be pretty interesting.  This book, though… I hate it.  I hate everything about it.  I won’t say what it is in fear of getting mauled by people who “appreciate its [insert pretentious quality here]” but I still detest it.  I wish I’d looked at which class I’d picked in English more carefully–each section is different, after all, and if I had a choice now I’d have definitely switched to the class doing Watchmen.  Graphics novels are like the pinnacle of my existence.

Also, things turned for the better in creative writing.  I wrote out some personal sob story in my life about my grandfather’s passing and apparently it merited a good mark.  While I much preffered my first assignment and worked on it for weeks, instead of the 2.5 hours I spent on this one, I realize what you want to write isn’t always appreciated by the masses, and really, maybe it’s not even that good at all–it’s just that you like the content, so it looks like the holy grail when you’re done.  Shame, really–but at least I’m not doing badly in such a simple course.  Still, I love it, and sometimes hearing people say they just took it because they need a GPA booster is understandable, but still grinds my gears…

And don’t talk to me about Econ.  Just don’t.


HMV Downtown is closing.  What.  Why.  Okay, well I know why, but I’ll miss it–don’t tell me (if you’ve been living in Vancouver forever like me) that you don’t regard that particular HMV store as a sort of iconic landmark in the city (just watch Tron: Legacy)? I mean, I barely even went in there (most people didn’t) but I mean, it’s just always been there.  Like a friend you don’t actually talk to you but you need to be there at partiesNow I’m not saying I can’t embrace change, but sometimes it’s a bitter pill to swallow, moreso for some people than others.
I went to say my goodbyes by buying some stuff at the huge sale.  If only my dad was in town, I’m sure he’d love it (everyone has that friend or family member who will hover over movie bargain bins like a vulture and just buy stuff because it’s interesting and cheap… or sometimes, just cheap), but as far me, I didn’t walk out with any CDs.  I blame the Muse fans–they took all the CDs, damn them, there weren’t even any vinyls.  Anyways, I ended up getting Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (and if you got the reference from this post’s title, I think we’ll get along quite well), a Flash doll (because I like the Flash, this has nothing to do with Big Bang Theory), a harmonica (no misfit from the 90’s should go without one), and a John Lennon mug.  I’ll miss you, HMV.

Other Shenanigans

I just started reading Homestuck kinda late on the bandwagon there, Alyssa.  No, it’s not a book–it’s a webcomic, of different sorts… if you know what it is, high five.  This is awesome.  If you don’t like to ‘waste time on silly comics’ avoid this like the plague.  Seriously.  And lighten up



And that was just after the first 15 seconds.

Alright, if you have no idea what The Hunger Games is, it’s a teen novel trilogy, and I know the word ‘teen’ puts a lot of people off from the get-go (like me), but it’s pretty DAMN good.  I don’t know why people keep comparing it to Twilight and I’ll never know because I refuse to ever read/watch anything about Twilight but annoying fangirls aside, I’m so pumped for this movie.  A midnight watching is totally happening.  If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, I’d recommend it, though it isn’t for everyone, obviously.  My English prof read it, says he can’t stand teen angst.  It got to me a little, but not in the first book, so at least pick it up if you’re curious.  Think: Battle Royale, only a little more 1984 and in North America.  I hate comparing it to Battle Royale but the BR fandom are spazzes who think THGs copied them.  Whatever.  The Lion King copied Kimba–be honest, WHICH ONE IS THE TOTALLY MORE AWESOME MOVIE BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT’S THE GODDAMNED LION KING.


…That’s it.  If you’re wondering if I’ve been up anything else since midterms finished, here’s my answer:

Although it’s kind of a half-truth–it’s never the “perfect day ever” in Vancouver.



Tweedsmuir + Coffee Beans = TweedBeans

Check out the handy little NaNoWriMo widget on the side! Makes me look productive, eh?

Anyways, I’ve been absent mostly due to the fact that I’ve been rather busy.  After the flight during the weekend, I had a bit of trouble trying to catch up again with school.  I missed a Japanese class where the teacher explained how to write a composition.  For Econ, I had to deferr my exam to Monday MORNING at 9 (Usually I won’t wake up any earlier than noon until I have to…).  I stayed up all night studying after landing back in Vancouver at midnight.  And English? The less I talk about English right now, the better.

So, after returning from Ontario, I’m glad to be in much warmer weather.  I’m very fussy about temperature, and though a little rain won’t deterr me much, a cold and windy day is enough to make me lose all hope in going outside ever again.  Also, Calgary: WHAT.  Y U SO SNOWY.

There’s nothing much to report, really, only that tomorrow I’ll be FINALLY meeting with my MUG leader from Imagine Day.  I’d completely lost my head and replied to her very late, and I didn’t know that Mug Leaders were required to check up on us after Imagine Day to see how we were doing.  Well, let me tell you she’s about to get quite an earful… poor girl.

Also, a few hours from now, it’s going to be November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11).  My friends are of the opinion that it’s a terrible omen.  Me? It’s another Remembrance Day.  I got tagged in some picture on Facebook saying: “11/11/11 WHERE WILL YOU BE?”  My answer? Probably at home.  Or Starbucks.
People, chill.


EDIT: If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo too, feel free to add me as a buddy.  Username is on the widget at the side of this page :3

Abiguous flight is ambiguous. Also, creative title is creative.

So I decided it’d be a good idea to fly elsewhere for the weekend.  While it’s not a vacation type of trip, I’d rather not disclose anything about it, but I’ll be away for a few days.  Meaning: I’ll miss a Japanese quiz for tomorrow that I can’t make-up for later, I have to deferr my Econ midterm for Monday morning (MORNING I REPEAT MORNING), missing the Video Game Developers Association Icebreaker tomorrow that I’ve been looking forward to for WEEKS, and no Batman Arkham City on the weekend 🙁  In fact I’m missing the TED talk too.  Excuse me while I go set up my chair and noose.

That rant out of the way, I suppose the moral of the story (because occassionally I think Blog Squad posts should have one?), prepare way in advance if you know you’re going to miss school, especially a day where a lot of things are happening.  I know everyone knows this but I can’t stress it enough.  In high school, when we missed something we could make up for it literally whenever, with no penalties, although the teacher would probably put down you absence in their revenge journal or something (I’ve wanted to start one for ages but that’s like making a Death Note–you’d probably get arrested).  So here, it’s either “do it ASAP on Monday” or “I’m sorry you can’t do it then”.  I really have to go away so there’s not much I can do, but it’s kind of frustrating at the same time.  Of course I knew that I could have my Econ midterm deferred before actually buying plane tickets but finding out the fun stuff I’d miss too is like jamming a spork in my eye.

Also, I have discovered this: while my writing is apparently horrible to my Creative Writing teacher, those quizzes are easy.  If you ever take Intro to Creative Writing, just make sure to go to class.  You don’t really need to bring all of your brain either, just a good sense of humour, creativity, common sense, and laptop to copy everything down.  Mindlessly copy everything for the quiz.  And all shall be well.  Also, fake crappy poems on quizzes are amazing.  They involve large squids… and elephants.

Also, NaNoWriMo isn’t too bad, I’m kind of behind on writing but I’m at 2,203 words at the moment so at least I’m not still at 933.  My story makes no sense, but at least I’ve kept from editing… which is harder than writing itself, sometimes @_@  Thanks to those who gave me encouragement, and to all of you who are tackling it this year, good luck to you too! 😀

Before I leave for the weekend, I know this is completely irrelevant but then again it’s my blog, where my posts make no sense and I make no sense, so really weren’t not breaking tradition here or anything.  It’s called How to Steal Like an Artist, and I liked it for the points that it raises.  I’ve been going through the blues recently about my artwork so I tried to find some motivational things online these days (demotivational posters do count because they’re friggin’ hilarious).  Asides from one that was crudely called “The Complete Guide To Not Giving A ****” which actually helped me realize I have a lot of self-consciousness issues, this one was something I was happy to stumble upon, so if you’re an artist, check it out:

And that’s all, folks.  I’ll let NotGoogle+ finish this off for me (CollegeHumour, bless your face):  NotGoogle+



Halloween? Alfred, Time For Me To Suit Up.

Hey.  It’s that time again.

So I haven’t posted in about a week, but at least I’m keeping to my minimum amount of posts… which is looking more like a quota to me.  ANYWAY.  I have a week of events to share oh man are you in for such a treat like I’m so serious it’s not like my life is completely normal.

Some cool things have happened, and some really dull things have happened.  First off, Halloween.  So all the awesome parties have either already happened or I dunno, maybe there are still some to come tomorrow, but honestly I had the best time at the UBC Anime Club Dance.  Nerdy? WHAT MAKES YOU SAY THAT?!  I cosplayed for the first time, and had a lot of fun.  (If you don’t know what cosplaying is… Google it.) My parents have been verrrry much against the idea of cosplaying since I was really young, but my mom gave in finally.  I guess the fact that I haven’t royally screwed anything up at university and am relatively good at being responsible, she figures as long as the costume isn’t freakishly weird (like this) I can do it.  It sounds like a pretty simple breakthrough, but trust me, had you seen my past history at high school, you would know what a struggle it’s been to change my parents’ minds about the things I want to do in my free time.  So if you have controlling parents and are going into first-year, sometimes a little reponsibility goes a long way, depending on the issue and the family, of course.  Just don’t screw up after you get their trust, getting it back the second time may be even harder or never happen at all wow so deep herptyderp

Secondly, Batman Arkham City.  DEAR LORD GIVE ME A SECOND TO CLEAN THESE TEARS OF JOY.  If you’re not interested in listening to a rant about a video game I suggest skipping to the next paragraph kthxbai.  This is arguably the best superhero game out there, and really a great game in general even if you aren’t a huge Batman fan.  I love the gameplay, for one thing, since you actually have to use some brain power to figure out how you’re going to tackle a certain battle.  I love the arsenal of gadgets you get that not only help you complete obstacles along the way in the open world but also actually have uses during battles, both in combat and in stealth.  And while the story isn’t as focused as Arkham Asylum, it’s still pretty damn good.  I HAVEN’T FINISHED YET THOUGH IF YOU SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME I WILL FIND YOU AND… don’t make me finish that sentence.  Anyways, while the graphics are obviously great (wish I had a 3D television), unfortunately during dialogue scenes the characters still feel a little… I don’t know, stiff maybe.  I like games where movements and expressions are very well animated, to the point where gestures and reactions seem very, very realistic, but that’s personal.  Besides, this is a superhero video game, and what the animation may lack in terms of seeming more realistic, the voice acting definitely makes up for that.  I don’t have any qualms about any of the characters so far.  This game has been beautifully orchestrated, and there’s obviously so much care that was taken to make this game the masterpiece it is.  The main story, the characters, the voice actors, the side quests (SO MANY BLOODY RIDDLER TROPHIES), the combat, and best of all, the fact that you actually feel like the Bat when you glide around the city and beat up some punk-ass group of thugs.  This is one of the funnest open world games I’ve played, and I never feel bored or like I’m at a loss for things to do.  I cannot wait to finish this!

Hello, presumably you might have skipped the last paragraph.  Trust me you might have just saved yourself an eyesore.
Anyways, this week, other news involves me getting back another midterm mark… and yikes.  While I believe it would be about a B+ or A-, I’m really not too thrilled, since I thought I’d done better on it.  There’s a “I’ve failed my first midterm… now what?” talk at my residence (Vanier) this Tuesday from I think 7-9PM that I’ll be checking out just to see if there’s anything I can take from it.  Especially after having my first Econ midterm mark back, I feel I need the help… AND I HAVE ANOTHER MIDTERM ON FRIDAY.  FFFFFFFFFFFF.  Where’d I put that gosh darn noose?

Also, NaNoWriMo.  If you don’t know about it, I think tomorrow would logically be the last day to sign up on the site.  It’s the “National Novel Writing Month”, where the challenge is to write 50,000 words in a month (if you have no idea what that looks like it’s like the size of a novel.  It’s about 1,667 words a day or something, I don’t know, I hate math too much to try and validate this approximation).  I’m doing it for the first time, since I didn’t even know about it last year.  I’m joining the Vanier group here, and we’re meeting on October 31st pretty late to do a kick-off thing.  Wish me luck, because as we all know, I have a huge commitment problem… I’m hoping this will be something to help me get past it >>  But I swear what I’m going to write will never see the light of day.  It will be crap beyond crap (crapception?).

Nothing much else to report in my life.  Other little UBC-related tidbits:
ECON 101 W/ Gateman has study sessions?: There are now ECON 101 study sessions on Thursday evenings for Gateman’s class, or so I’ve heard.  I’m sure the info’s up on Vista, I just haven’t really been checking.
Shia Labeouf: People spazzed the other day because of Shia Labeouf’s appearance on campus.  ‘Gratz to those of you who are so proud of your blurry half-assed pictures of him on your cellphone.  Really.
Hot Running Water, Oh my!: There was ACTUALLY hot water at Vanier this Friday.  Anyone not living in residence and is in first-year, at least you don’t have to deal with this.
Investigative Team: The Ubyssey investigative team had its first(?) meeting this Friday.  Wanted to join, but alas, I have a conflicting class.  WHO PUTS A CLASS FROM 2-3PM EVERY MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY.

And here are some non-UBC-related tidbits:
Comics: The New 52 DC comics are still pretty awesome in my opinion, every week I pick up some stuff.  If you’ve always wanted to get into comics, this has recently been a good time, though you don’t have to stick to New 52 obviously.  I’m stoked for Batman: Noel anyways 😀  And unfortunately I’m not a Marvel fan…
Games: I really wanna try Assassin’s Creed Revelations.  I’m such a sad person that I’ve never played an AC game and NEED TO please don’t kill me.  Also psyched for Uncharted 3, maybe even the new LotR game because my friend’s a huge LotR nerd, finishing Arkham City, finishing Amnesia (wish me luck getting through the mental scars) and I really really really want to play Professor Layton and the Last Specter.  WHY AM I TOO POOR TO PURCHASE THESE oh right I still don’t have a job…
COMPLETELY RANDOM: I’ve tasted pumpkin pie for the first time.  That was DELICIOUS.  Also, Flex Dollars scam me.  I wish I had a pet fiddler crab.
…And, I’m wondering if I should put up a video? Like a vlog sort of thing, but obviously just for fun.  I realize the UBC Blog Squad is supposed to have a lot to do with, y’know, the written medium.  Still, the idea is elusive :3
Google+: Does anyone else have this? Seriously.  Everyone says: “I’ll wait until it’s popular”.  Well if everyone did that it will never be popular.

That is all.  Have a Happy Halloween, folks.  And I promise I’ll have those picture scans coming soon.  Soon as in… relatively soon.  Eventually.  That word is probably my signature word by now.


Nananananananana… NAMTAB!! …Wait…

You know what’s worse than having to pay for a video game out of your own pocket for the first time? (And we’re talking about $74 here out of a $20/week allowance).  HAVING TO WAIT LIKE A WHOLE WEEK TO ACTUALLY PLAY IT.  If I owned a TV I’d be jamming like nobody’s business on my PS3 with Batman Arkham City.  But I don’t own a TV.  Well I do but it’s back home… and it’s like bigger than my dorm bed.  And contrary to how I usually live my life, I do prioritize sleep over gaming… sometimes.  I will eventually post my thoughts about Arkham City but it’ll have to wait…
At least I have you, Steam… at least I have you…

Well with that pointless note out of the way… (“GET ON WITH IT!”)

Things at UBC were busy for a while, as I said before, but now it’s all going pretty well.  I finished a midterm today (which would explain my absence for the past few days), and instead of being at the anime club screening, or with my friend at her house, or back home, or EVEN at the Blog Squad event that’s on right now (I forgot to RSVP anyway), I’m at my dorm snacking on Werther’s candies listening typing this listening to Wiener Blut.  Although moments ago I was listening to David Mitchell rant about falling sausages on YouTube.  David Mitchell is God, after all.  …After Stephen Fry though…  WHY AM I NOT BRITISH

This post is supposed to be about the future, but I’m afraid that’s a little hazy.  I dropped Swing Kids since Thursday nights usually mean cramming nights now for some reason, and as for my classes… there is no hope for Econ or Creative Writing.  I was surprised I did so badly on the latter course assignment, for a moment it was like I’d lost a lot of meaning in my life.  But I picked myself up now and WHELP we’ll see.  My future with UBC is odd… I was here for Creative Writing, as past readers know.  If I’m just going to do badly in it, who knows if I’ll stick around for the same reason in second year.  I’m not saying that one bad mark on an assignment defines my choice to switch, not at all, but I have been thinking about this for a while, and like any other confused First Year, I don’t know if it’s right for me.  The course is interesting buuuuut I don’t know…
Anyone else who’s confused about their major or future at university, yes, I know you’ve heard this a billion times and it’s not reassuring at all, but I’m going to say it: it’s natural to be confused.  When people say that to me, it doesn’t help.  I’m thinking: So now instead of just me suffering, EVERYBODY around me is like a loose chicken with its head cut off wandering in random directions like idiots.  We’re all screwed.  …What the hell are we doing here then?
That’s just the question, you really don’t find that out in a pinch, I don’t think.  But worry not, I think things’ll muddle through for confused first years.  For those of you who think you have everything planned out (and I’ve met you people, you know who you are)… good luck with that >_>

That aside, there are other more positive things going on.  I’m still making my weekly comic shop trips (my wallet’s crying about it though), the Game Developers Association should be having their Jeopardy game sometime soon, the anime club Halloween dance is coming up, AND AT LONG LAST THERE ARE ECON TUTORIALS IN THE PREEVENING (if you don’t know what time of day that is… one word: Sheldon).
Also, my English and Japanese courses are looking good, so I have a feeling I’ll be keeping up Japanese in the future, it isn’t as hard as I’ve had some people warn me before.

Other than that, I’m still exploring campus, and later intend to actually sit down at the Nitobe garden and just relax.  I walked around it when the weather was nice when does that actually happen in Vancouver and if you haven’t been there but want to, take the chance when the sun’s out 🙂  Because God knows if it’ll ever come out again.

…Oh my God, I’ve caught up with everything I wanted to say! At long last!
WELL off to enjoy a good weekend.  Tonight I’m brooding over Arkham City and studying Econ, tomorrow is Metrotown time (if EB Games is actually hiring I’m THERE), and Sunday is driving.  AND BATMAN.

If you’re bored (which you probably are if you’re taking the time to read the drabble that is my life), here’s some Bill Bailey.  Worship him:

Bill Bailey in We Are Most Amused


Coming Eventually: ANYTHING I WANT.

EDIT: If anyone knows some good record stores, please let me know, I’d appreciate a recommendation.  Not only am I running around looking for obscure records (-cough- hipster -cough-) as I explore Vancouver, I’m running out of Strauss stuff here.  I take so long to type that I’m almost halfway through Gypsy Baron D:

EDIT 2: Printer’s not fixed and still only scans, so I’m just going to get a new printer.  That said, I’ll be uploading the pictures for all these past few posts today or tomorrow 🙂