European-Style Fruit and Oatmeal Museli

Give this recipe a try to boost up daily fiber intake!

Check out the following items that can be found at the UBC AMS Foodbank, and make your own delicious snacks on the go! 

This recipe is VERY SIMPLE, VERY COST EFFECTIVE, and most importantly, it tastes delicious! 

Serves: 2

1 cup oatmeal, uncooked

1 cup 2% plain yogurt

2 tbsp. cereal

3/4 cup green or red seedless grapes, halved

1/3 cup toasted walnuts, chopped (optional)

1 large apple, grated or 3/4 cup chunky applesauce


1) Mix all ingredients together in a medium sized bowl.

2) Let sit for 10 minutes, or cover and refrigerate overnight.



UBC AMS Foodbank on the CBC News

Hello all,

We are lucky to get a snapshot of our UBC AMS Foodbank onto the CBC News piece!

Check these out, and special thanks to our executives, Chris Herron, Jesline Felicia, and Arvie Concepcion for coming forth and helping out with the filming! (:

TV version:

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Do you want to learn budgeting tips? Don’t know what to cook out of the items supplied at the Foodbank? Want to know how to preserve food and shop smart? …..Don’t you worry! We have it covered!

In the progress of publishing Emergency Foodbank Guidebook for our clients, here is a sneak peek of what is composed, please check out the below document: Emergency Foodbank guidebook final

Please feel free to leave any comments/feedback (:

-Grace on behalf of AMS Foodbank

Welcome to UBC AMS Foodbank!

We are the UBC AMS Food Bank and we are excited to be launching this blog so that we can keep you (donors, clients, fellow students, volunteers) updated on what we do! We are a food relief service for UBC students in need.

Check out our pages above to learn about our executive team for the 2015-2016 term, information on donations and fundraising, and our upcoming events. Keep an eye on our blog posts for updates on our events, volunteer/donation opportunities and we also plan on posting recipes on a regular basis! We welcome any feedback on this blog. Please comment or e-mail us at

We are super excited about this blog and hope that it’s exciting for you to read too! Keep posted for some upcoming recipes!

Until next time!

-Grace on behalf of AMS Foodbank

Nutrition Month – Banana Giveaway!

Unfortunately, it was a rainy day so we couldn’t get the banana bicycle/wagon out and about but we still had a successful day for our banana giveaway to help promote the AMS Food Bank and Nutrition Month!

As you can see below, we ran out of bananas quickly. We’re happy to see our fellow students eager to snack on a nutritious piece of fruit! This month is a good time to think about how you can make some healthy improvements to your diet, which will contribute to better energy levels. This is important at all times but especially when exams are right around the corner! Happy Nutrition Month from all of us at the AMS Food Bank 🙂


Chicken Cacciatore



This dish goes great with some cooked spinach or on top of spaghetti noodles. I made it tonight and it took about 45 minutes (prep and cook time). Enjoy!



  • Chicken thighs (1-1 1/2 lbs)
  • Yellow onion – medium, diced
  • Green pepper – diced
  • Garlic – 2 cloves, minced
  • Mushrooms – 1 can, sliced
  • Parsley (optional) – for garnish


  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp
  • Flour – 1/4 cup
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp.
  • Pepper – 1/8 tsp.
  • Paprika – 1/8 tsp.
  • Spaghetti sauce – 2 cups
  • Diced tomatoes – 1 cup (or more if you want your sauce more fluid)


  1. Mix the flour, salt, pepper and paprika in a bowl and coat the chicken thighs with this mixture.
  2. Brown the chicken thighs in a pan with oil.
  3. While the chicken thighs are browning, have another pan on medium heat and begin to cook the onion, garlic and green pepper for 3-5 minutes. Then add the mushrooms, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and mix.
  4. Once the chicken has been browned, drain the oil and then pour the sauce on top.
  5. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer and let cook for 30 minutes.
  6. Top with parsley and serve over noodles.






  • Eggs, 5-6
  • Brown or white onion – 1/2 medium, peeled and diced
  • Garlic – 1 clove, minced
  • Green or red bell pepper – 1 medium, chopped
  • Tomatoes – 4 cups (or 2 cans, 14 oz. each), diced
  • Parsley – 1/2 tbsp chopped


  • Olive oil – 1 tbsp
  • Tomato paste – 2 tbsp
  • Chili powder – 1 tsp
  • Cumin – 1 tsp
  • Paprika – 1 tsp
  • Cayenne pepper – pinch (or more if you want it spicy)
  • Sugar – to taste
  • Salt and pepper – to taste


  1. Heat the oil over medium heat in a large pan. Add the onion and sauté a few minutes and then add the garlic. Sauté until fragrant. Add the bell pepper and sauté for another 5-7 minutes until softened.
  2. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, spices and sugar and stir together well. Let this simmer for another 5 minutes until the mixture begins to reduce.
  3. Crack the eggs directly over the tomato mixture and space them out evenly. Cover the pan and let the eggs cook.
  4. Garnish with parsley. This dish pairs well with toast and tahini, and is great for either breakfast or dinner!


Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom Stroganoff

Recipe Post #1! This is a quick and easy meal that’s loaded with some delicious flavours.



  • Garlic – 3 cloves, minced
  • Mushrooms – 8 to 10 large, sliced
  • Onion – 1 medium, diced
  • Parsley – 4 tbsp, chopped
  • Green onion – 2 stalks, chopped


  • Chicken/Vegetable Broth – 1 1/2 cups
  • Paprika – medium palmful
  • Salt – to taste
  • Pepper – to taste
  • Oil – 1 tbsp


Sour cream – heaping spoonful, or your preference for creaminess.


  1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan, and cook the onion, garlic and mushrooms over medium heat for 5-10 minutes, until slightly softened. Add the chicken or vegetable stock, green onions, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Cook for a further 5 minutes.
  1. Just before serving, stir in the sour cream and the parsley until blended. Serve over rice or noodles.