Social Media Spotlight: Pinterest

Pinterest has been one of the more recent social media to pick up heat but is it worth it for business to invest in another form of social media. Pinterest thinks so! They have recently moved to adding separate business and personal accounts which mimic how Facebook allowed different accounts before. This is seen by many as a move to monetize their services.

But back to why it may be worth it to invest in Pinterest. The concept is simple: pin your interest onto your wall which often sounds pretty simple. However, research shows Pinterest users show a stark contrast than ordinary users like Facebook. Pinterest users are more likely to brand loyal consumer to the things they post and are more active in terms of contests and feedback. Its photo layout is also appealing to companies that don’t have time for long blurbs or contests but have an awesome camera. While the Pinterest population is small in comparison in Facebook, small to mid size business may find a liking to Pinterest as a method to separate themselves from a sea of Facebook groups and Linkedin pages. While it may not lead directly to purchases, these pictures sure can stir up some conversation.



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