Smartphone Spotlight: How Smarphones represent a new Internet Playground

Technology continues to shape the world we live and its hard to imagine these days what it would be like to not own a smartphone anymore. At first, it was all about being able to check you emails on the go for businesses but as internet speeds go faster and phones got more capable, mobile internet searching has been growing to a largely significant margin. While the effect differs in every country, internet searching through mobile devices as a whole has made a sizable increase. It is also interesting to note internet search habits are particular popular in Asia

It has become so large that it becomes the next battlefield for companies to find ways to monetize users through mobile search. As you may know, mobile devices offer a significant challenge to companies looking to monetize the search. Google ads for example are much harder to implement due to the differences of sizes of mobile devices and creates challenges on how many paid ads can be displayed. Mobile user behaviors differ from what kind of things they prefer to search for during their travels. They also differ in a number of following ways:

1) There is a lack of white space and more collapsible widgets Рthis influences the way content can be displayed as well as how many ads can fit on a page.

2) Finger tapping – although an obvious one, its often an easy mistake to forget how small the screen actually is and the difficulty for precision clicking. An easy solution is large clickable items but at the cost of an already small space on mobile devices.

3) Ads – Mobile remains a frustrating experience for advertisers as the reduced space sometimes forces them to move the advertising to different parts of the web.


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