Pay Just Pennies For Brand-New Products

How true is an online deal? All online shops try to offer thrilling deals, which would save consumers a lot of money, and only a few online shops go on and actually are good on making their claims. A website called Qubits has made sure they can provide the best deals for all the must wanted products at jaw dropping prices. They sell the best apple products and their range runs from iPods to MacBook’s to televisions and much more. Selling the new ipad for at an astonishing price of 54 dollars is shocking. The only way Quibits is able to sell these products at such low prices is through the auction model. Every customer is charged 60 cents to place a bid and the total amount collected from all the bids enables the company to sell goods at such low prices. Most auction winners save 75% off retail. To make the customers who don’t win happy they have a BUY now option. This proposition basically lets customer purchase the product at the listed price minus the value of the bids they place.

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