Video Mashup Assignment

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Racism in the elevator –

This will change the way you think –

Amazing speech about racism –

Anti-Racist short film “Jafar” –

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Cultural Jamming

porsche ad unedited

Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance cars. There is a common phrase that our society associates with the car brand, the phrase is illustrated in the original advertisement which is that a Porsche “kills bugs fast”. The problem here is that the phrase implies and encourages fast driving which is dangerous for not only the driver, but to all the cars that are around it. High performance cars are statistically at a greater risk of an accident, which is why we see a separate class of insurance for those classes of vehicles. Young individuals who are categorized as Teen drivers aged 15-17 are about two times more likely to have a collision claim than an adult. Although you could argue the cause of more accidents with teen drivers is due to inexperience, we see a greater disparity in collision claims when looking at midsize sports cars where the likelihood for Teen drivers to have a collision claim raises to three times more likely compared to adult drivers. The effort that high-end car companies have put into the media and advertisement has heavily influenced society’s perception of high performance cars, trying to solely create an image of a luxurious, fast, and desirable vehicle. However, what is not advertised is the risk and danger associated with these types of cars. When speed is increased with cars, the risk of accident is also increased. Who cares if a Porsche is able to reach 181 miles per hour when we are driving on regular roads? It is shameful for companies like Porsche to encourage speeding in any way as it results in greater amounts of accidents on the road.

porsche ad edited

In the new jammed advertisement, I decided to make a simple one word alteration in attempt to raise more awareness to the risk of driving high performance cars like a Porsche. Instead of the phrase “kills bugs fast”, I have reconstructed the ad to broadcast to the public that Porsches “kills lives fast”. I believe that the new phrase has a stronger impact and is very attention grabbing which is absolutely necessary in order for the public to realize risk and danger associated with reckless driving. Reckless driving is being encouraged in the original advertisement, where Porsche is trying to imply that when you drive their cars, you can drive fast – but why do people like to drive fast? People are possibly attracted to reckless driving due to the thrill that accompanies speeding, or perhaps they desire the image they get by driving such a luxurious car. However, in reality speeding will only lead to a greater likelihood of an accident. I am not impressed by the way Porsche is trying to promote something bad (speeding) in an attractive manner. Instead, Porsche advertisements should either be raising awareness with reckless driving, or promoting safe features of that is accompanied with cars that are manufactured by their brand. Hopefully by viewing the jammed version of the advertisement, you will be able to see the wrongs that are made in the original advertisement and understand the underlying message that the jammed advertisement is trying to convey which is that safety should always come first.