Nespresso coffee machines are finally becoming big in North America after seeing years of success in the European market. Nespresso had an idea to produce high-end coffee machines, which would allow consumers  to enjoy top-notch coffee in their homes. But this luxury comes at an expensive price; a Nespresso coffee machine could cost up to $800. Despite the fact that the economy is suffering from a recession, Nespresso has seen enormous success with its slick design. Reminds me of what Mac has done with their products, targeting those who could actually afford their expensive merchandise and thriving. Nespresso became huge in the European market, there were Nepresso billboards everywhere in Paris when I lived there a few years ago.

This success occurred because Nespresso established itself as an expensive coffee maker and opened up a new market. It took advantage of the growing demand for quality coffee, as it was obvious that consumers were willing to pay more for coffee with Starbucks’ success. Effective adverstising also helped. Nespresso made George Clooney the image of their product and came up with the catchy slogan, “Nespresso. What else?” This sent the idea that their product was superior and produces the best coffee, and the customers seem to agree.

Nespresso Commercial with Clooney


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