Topic 2: Concepts, Principles, and Realities of Forest Governance

Background Readings

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO). (2011). Framework for assessing and monitoring forest governance. Rome, Italy: Food and Agriculture Organization. Retrieved from

Broekhoven, G., Savenije, H., & von Scheliha, S. (Eds.). (2012). Moving forward with forest governance. Wageningen, the Netherlands: Tropenbos International. xvi + 272 pp. Retrieved from

Video Lecture

Please view the following video lecture for Module I Topic 2.

1.2 Concepts and Principles of Forest Governance

Self-directed Reflection

Please answer the following self-reflection question. You can formulate your response and share it online in the Knowledge Café for this course, and also be enlightened about how other students answered this question.

  1. Now that you are familiar with the pillars of good governance, what do you think your government should prioritize to facilitate sustainable forest management in your country?
    View an example answer for the Philippines case, and prepare your own answer to the question for your own country.