Module II Learning Outcomes

This module will introduce:

  • The formulation of intergovernmental agreements.
  • The international diplomacy regulating negotiation.
  • The types of multi-lateral agreements.
  • The general principles governing the negotiation process, negotiation in practice, and forest diplomacy.
  • The Non-legally Binding Instrument on all types of forests (NLBI on Forests), International Arrangements on Forests, and National Forest Laws in support of SFM.

After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Explain how international instruments or treaties are formulated.
  • Describe the general characteristics of forest diplomacy.
  • Compare the differences among the categories and characteristics of international agreements.
  • Analyze the types of compensation developing countries need to commit international obligations.
  • Describe how you would prepare yourself to participate in your country’s negotiation of international agreements.
  • Describe how you would help your country incorporate intergovernmental agreements on forests into national forest strategies.