Module IV Learning Outcomes

This module will introduce:

  • The history and developments in major global forest-related issues.
  • The understanding on how such issues affect SFM.
  • The role of forests in global environmental and development agendas.
  • The most relevant and up-to-date global discussions at the United Nations and other related forums.

After completing the module, you should be able to:

  • Reflect on the global issues under discussion in terms of their mutual relation to SFM.
  • Describe generally accepted definition and major components of Landscapes.
  • Discuss how the Landscape Approach relates to forests and SFM.
  • Analyze the mutual relationships between forests and climate change, loss of biodiversity, Green economy, and payments for environmental services.
  • Investigate how forests and forestry are treated and dealt with in the current draft of SDG’s.
  • Express your view on how forests are being managed within a landscape, and the best approaches to finance SFM at national levels.
  • Plan national forest policies that reflect international agreements should you need to.