Topic 10: Global Policy Issues Affecting the Sustainable Management of Forests (Part 1)


The first part of this topic addresses the following international issues related to SFM: Forests as related to climate change, biodiversity, and desertification; payments for environmental services (PES); emissions trading (Carbon Markets); Green (bio-) economy; forest governance, illegal logging, and trade; and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Video Lecture

Please view the following voice-over-ppt presentations and videos for this topic.

Module 4 Lecture 10 Part 1: Forests as Related to Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification; Payments for Environmental Services (PES); and Emissions Trading


Module 4 Lecture 10 Part 2: Green Economy, Illegal Logging and Trade, and Rights of Indigenous People


Module 4 Lecture 10 Video 1: Road to Legality


Module 4 Lecture 10 Video 2: Making the Case for a Landscape Approach at COP19



  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). (2014). State of the world‘s forests: Enhancing the socioeconomic benefits from forests. Rome, Italy: FAO. Retrieved from

Reflection Questions

Please answer the following self-reflection question. After formulating your answer, you may post it online at the Knowledge Café for this course as a way to share your ideas and glean knowledge from other students’ responses.

  1. Reflect on the global environmental issues under discussion in terms of their mutual relation to SFM.