Welcome to the Course

Welcome to this online course on International Dialogue on Forestry Issues. It is a part of the Innovative Sustainable Forest Management Education in the Asia-Pacific Region Project.


How to take the course?

This online course will provide you with an understanding of International Dialogue on Forestry Issues addressing what issues are under discussion globally, how the debate is shaping, and what are some the outcomes. It is very wide-ranging, and will delve into a huge range of different disciplines such as negotiation, diplomacy, and inter-governmental organizations dealing with forestry. This is the attraction of the inter-disciplinary subject known as global forestry.

The course is designed to be taken without an instructor. You will not be submitting any assignments. However, there will be a number of self-assessment tests and quizzes throughout the course to enable you to gauge your learning. To assist you in information exchange, there is an online discussion forum, Knowledge Café, for this course where you can post your insights, comments, inquiries, and other feedback about the topics to other participants of the course. Since this is a self-directed course, the Knowledge Café is a platform for sharing and expanding your online experiences, ideas and field observations with respect to each module. It is hoped that you will find this course enjoyable, and that you will learn a great deal about international aspects of sustainable forest management.

What’s my advice?

A word of advice: It is sometimes difficult to establish a routine for an online course.  It is very easy to put it on the back burner! My best advice to you is to set regular times during the week dedicated to the course.