Tour the Course Site

How to get started?   To get started with the course, click on ‘Start Here’ tab located at the top. Navigate your way through ‘Start Here’ and look into ‘Welcome to the course’ video, ’Meet your instructors’, and look up ‘Tour the course site’.
Where to find course syllabus and schedule? To find course information go to the ‘Overview’ tab. Navigate through the Overview Menu to learn about the following:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Description
  • Course Format
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Materials
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Structure
  • Student Evaluation
  • Technical Requirements
How the course is structured?   This course consists of 4 Modules; each Module is further divided into topics. The typical Module learning sequence in this course is:

  • Module Introduction
  • Module Objectives
  • Topics
    • For each topic
      • Introduction -> Video Lecture -> Readings -> Reflection Questions
  • Module Summary
  • Module Quiz
How to navigate the learning modules?   To navigate through the learning module click on the ‘Module’ tab in the top menu and navigate your way through each module using the left menu to access Module introduction, Module topics, Module summary, and Module quiz. Once you select a topic on the left, you can navigate your way to module introduction, video lectures, readings, and reflective questions through Topic top menu.
What are required assignments for a learning module?   The assignments for each module include self reflection questions for each topic and a module quiz. To do module self reflection questions go to:

  • -> Module -> Topic -> Reflection Questions

To take online module self-tests go to:

  • -> Module -> Module Quiz
What to keep in mind while working on a learning module? After completing each Module (view video lectures, read suggested materials, complete reflection questions), test your understanding by completing a quiz at the end of the Module. The Video Lectures provide additional resources required to understand topics and to answer the reflective questions at the end of the lecture.

We strongly recommend taking the Modules in order (1,2,3,4) without skipping any, as this will help you to understand the course better.

How to keep on track? To keep on track follow the suggested Course Schedule located in the Overview menu.