UBC Museum of Anthropology

UBC Museum of Anthropology

Thanks to a wonderful group member for writing this entry:

April 12, 2012 – We were on a field trip at UBC!!! We’re on the opposite ends of the timeline. First we went to TRIUMF, a national laboratory with scientists and researchers studying the future. Now we went to UBC Museum of Anthropology (MOA), with history and exhibits, collections, arts and cultures.

For some highlights at MOA:

• There is a carving by the Coast Salish region artist as you walk down the ramp. It is one of my favourite objects. It’s the details of the face and the blending of the colors that stands out for me; it really catches my eye. This piece seems to say “welcome” as visitors enter the museum.

• The Great Hall has 15 metre walls of glass. It’s breathtaking looking at the totem poles when you see the sun.

• At the Great Hall you can also see outdoor exhibits. Have a look outside (but we didn’t go)

• MOA has many collections of artifacts for First Nations of British Columbia. There are many languages, cultures, arts, etc for First Nations.

• MOA has also many galleries house. It has best known collections in British Columbia, but some other collections of objects came from around the world.

• The exhibit cases had so many objects and labels. For the cases, you can also open the drawers to see more objects. There were some terminals to find out the catalogues MOA has.

• A famous explorer, Captain Cook came to Northwest Coast and brought a souvenir, a ceremonial club from a Canadian First Nation during 1778.

• Bill Reid’s, one of the best known sculptures, display here at MOA. This “The Raven” sculpture can be shown on the Canadian $20 bill!!

• I liked the exhibit “The Art and Life of Doug Crammer”. He has a range of artistic working from totem poles, carvings to arts. The best I like is his “abstract series”. I enjoy looked at each painting. The paintings have the same elements and the same color, but each paintings is different. At this exhibit, no camera was allowed, so I went on Google, and here is a painting by Doug Crammer. One painting was “ Ravens in Nest”.

Thank you to Gord and Rob for more pictures!


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