AMP @ Botanical Gardens

We ended this year’s weekly sessions on a sunny day at the UBC Botanical Gardens.

See you all again in August/September!

Poems from a member’s daughter

The Serena-Child of the Mist poem was a monologue for my Grade 5 Summative (unit final). In Grade 7, we were given the task to create a variety of poems with different styles and analysis. Sticky Notes was my “bucket lists” style poem. Although I didn’t select this poem for my year end portfolio, my mom liked it and wanted it for her presentation.

I give special thanks to my teachers for their guidance and my mom for introducing them to you. I hope you enjoy my poems.
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Great Fun – Strides for Strokes 2012

We had a great time at the NSSRC’s Strides for Strokes events.

Lots of fun and prizes!