Vancouver Police Museum

Vancouver Police Museum

We had an excellent trip to the Vancouver Police Museum today.

Brad, our tour guide, knew a lot of information about Vancouver and the VPD.

There were exhibits on weapons, unsolved mysteries, and the coroner’s morgue.

Afterwards, we went to Gastown for brunch.


And for a little speech-therapy with Megan’s Tactus apps and our wonderful practicum students ;).

Tactus speech therapy out on the town

Practicing Aphasia Assessments

Hello everyone!
This is Sarah – I’m one of the speech-language pathology students. I just finished our first course about aphasia. One of the things we did this year was learn how to give a language test – thank you for helping us practice and learn how to do it better!  I just wanted to say an extra big thank you to Skip for helping me. You saw that because of my disability, everything takes longer and I need to think more about things like: where to sit, how to arrange things, how to use a timer easily, and how to write things down. I had to try most things more than once, and you were so patient. I was nervous, but you made me feel a lot better. (And you were a good page-turner!) Thank you so much, Skip! It was a good learning experience because of you!

I want to ask other students or mentors, what was practicing or helping to practice like for you?


Sentence Shaper


Our current practicum students are doing really excellent work helping a mentor use Sentence Shaper.

They have incorporated cues into their sessions very well, and have also started recording the messages to our mentor’s iPhone so that he can use them in public.