Practicing Aphasia Assessments

Hello everyone!
This is Sarah – I’m one of the speech-language pathology students. I just finished our first course about aphasia. One of the things we did this year was learn how to give a language test – thank you for helping us practice and learn how to do it better!  I just wanted to say an extra big thank you to Skip for helping me. You saw that because of my disability, everything takes longer and I need to think more about things like: where to sit, how to arrange things, how to use a timer easily, and how to write things down. I had to try most things more than once, and you were so patient. I was nervous, but you made me feel a lot better. (And you were a good page-turner!) Thank you so much, Skip! It was a good learning experience because of you!

I want to ask other students or mentors, what was practicing or helping to practice like for you?


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