Gord’s Fishing & Sports: July 1 – 19

On July 8, Monday I went to Horseshoe Bay and “Hole the wall”.  I cold by sick, sleep and blow nose, a week!  I tried caught salmon spring but I caught wild Coho 3.5 lbs and 120 feet and Anchovie teacher.  The wind north 16 by mid morning so I a ran into English Bay.  I caught nothing.

On July 14 Jeff Morningstar on out 2 boat Sunday morning and anything!  But the sounder school bait and Coho spash.  I and Jeff caught nothing.

On July 11, Thursday start 8:00 am fishing 2 hour 4 Coho salmon!  The ava. Coho 3.5 – 6 pound.  The color water is green and caught spoon 3 but 1 hootchy.  The in a day July 18, the water color is brown I caught hootchy 2 Coho .  See picture my and 4 Coho.

From the D.O.F. wharf to Pint House Spring salmon to 20 pound some and Coho ava. 3.5 – 7 pound and ava. 1 Coho – 13 Coho.  The Sport Charters 4 or 5 person 4 rod out 13 fish.

Gord’s Fishing & Sports Glogs: Weeks of June 23 – 30, 2013

Jeff Morningstar went Sunday morning to Threader Rock.  A small Coho the line hooks so manly.  Jeff caught 16 lbs and good crab trap caught 15 crab.  ( photo I see adiiphose fin is massed).  Good landed and mail its were from?  On the VHF 88A 23 Spring on Entrance from Finger Island off Namomse  spring salmon most 8 lbs – 12 lbs.

I went our fishing 2 time Sunday and Wednesday English Bay on dead.  The Bell and D.F.O. wharf troll Pint House nothing!

Me Grant and Laura the daughter go out at 1:00 pm fishing Sunday, June 30.  Nothing!   Very hot and logs, trees. sticks and closer the water in yellow.  Grant pulled were rods a tree into the boat.  Great day!

Jeff Morningstar report Hoseshouse Bay same day a 14 lbs and 7 lbs spring salmon very early.  (see photo)