Gord’s Fishing & Sports: Sept. 7, 2031

I forgot 2 fish gave girls working the False Creek Fuels for thank you much.  The pink and Spring (white) 18 lbs., the girls say: good very much.  Mellissa from part Dept. say:  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for backorder 2 weeks.

The Spring salmon be will awecome for May to September 15.  I heard charters boat 5 – 10 Springs salmon all one day between 22 pounds.  (I photos)  Not mession, the Coho and Pink salmon their awecome!

Gord’s Fishing & Sports: Aug. 27, 2013

The freighter, I seem 2A bell troll NE back and other.  All alone the boat fishing too.  I am landed 3 Coho between 4 – 6 pounds 70 feet with amry truck hootchy.

Went I clamps only 10 feet my rod reel out!  I am plays 10 minutes he bloke me 40 text and spoons gone!

Jeff Morningstar out all time.  He fishing the bells caught 3 spring salmon about two 16 pounds and 8 pounds.  (see photos)

Dimitiri Roussanidis who working Angler Sports shops and he charters boat 22 feet Grady White.  He the bells fishing he caught 47 pounds a all time, and he 33 feet down, anchovei.  (see photos)

Gord’s Fishing & Sports: Aug. 1 – Aug. 10, 2013

I knows Rob Slinger, he Aphasia Group at UBC.  He and girl friend Coho fishing on Aug. 10.  West side Vancouver troll Pink house and D.F.O. wharf through size Coho, 2 weeks ago I landed 4 Coho in 3 hour.  No luck!  But, reel in fish on trying rod reel in no luck.

Me, Rob and girl friend go lunch at Sunset Pub.  We good time and T.V. Milos tennis.  (photo of Rob & girl friend)