Gord’s Fishing & Sports: Hockey Canucks 10 games (vol. 1)

Canucks vs Sharks 2 games:  The Canucks out defence and forward at home and on road the Sharks.  Canucks score just 2 goals and Sharks 6 goals.  Canucks at home 1 goal and the Sharks score 4 goals.  The Sharks out play Canucks.

The Edmonton Oiler’s the Canucks home town vowed this is Canucks 5 – 2 Oilers.  The Canucks can do it!  They wins.

In Calgary the hot Flames just the Canucks 5 – 4 Flamers.  Canucks wins.

In Vancouver, Montreal Hiabs, the Hiabs get out 4 – 3 Canucks.  Gurllgher 19 old year came from Burnaby, he but 20 tickets.  He score goal and assist one.  Montreal wins.

Ryan Kesler don’t score one goal, but when he 1 goals first one right time, goaler tended puck bound wrong way.  Kesler petty goal second one.  Canucks wins.

Super Saturday Oct. 19, first at 10 am hockey, Penguins vs Canucks, Whitecaps at 3 pm soccer, B.C. Lions at 4 pm football.  Hockey exited in tie 3 – 3.  Russia forward stuff in 4 goal.  Penguin wins.

Sunday at 3 pm.  Canucks vs Blue Jackets. This were last night party become Canucks not well.  Sedin and Kesler bowl around net goaler.  The 1st peroid  doen’t look very well.  Canucks 3 – 5 pental box for 4 minutes.  Blue Jackets wins.


Camp Aphasia, a.k.a. Camp AWESOME!

It’s been one month since I volunteered at Sea to Sky Aphasia Camp, and it’s still so fresh in my mind. What an incredible experience!!! In one weekend, I met a ton of really wonderful and inspiring people, including: campers living with aphasia and their family members, therapists from a variety of disciplines, the always energetic Howe Sound Rehabilitation Support Services team, and other students like me who are eager to make a difference in people’s lives. I think I succeeded in that over the course of the weekend, although I recognize one weekend is just a small snapshot in a person’s life. Moreover, the camp really made a difference in MY life. I felt very honoured to hear the stories of those who offered to share them, to learn more about the recovery journey and how I can assist (not just as a future occupational therapist, but also as a community member), and most importantly, to just hang out as people! Some highlights: adapted archery, tossing around a beach ball in the pool, and enjoying the sun and silence with my ‘Buddy’ with aphasia (each student is paired with a camper). The biggest takeaway from my camp experience (and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this) is my surprise at how easy it was to communicate with the people I met who were living with aphasia in all it’s different presentations. There’s no way that can be taught in the classroom. THANK YOU CAMP APHASIA!!!

Gord’s Blogs Fishing and Sports: Oct. 2, Last fishing “The Caps”, 2013

The Capilano River calls “The Caps”.  The Lions Gates bridge a car look down Capilano River and boat between 40 – 100.  The fishing Coho between 3.5 – 9 pounds and white Spring between 5.5 – 11 pounds.  The odds “Red” Spring salmon between upward 30+!  Sept. 2 call Labour Day between Sept 21 calls the “hot spots” English Bay.  “The Bells” a big Spring can provided upward 30 + pounds.  The Spainish Bank South side the Bells.

Dave one of charters 10 big Spring on Aug. 27, he 5 licence ( limit 2 per perons).   Dimitri Roussanidis charters went out on Sept. 16 caught 5 big Spring salmon from T – 10.  Brian aboad Robballa caught 18 Spring red too, 2 Coho 7 pounds Sept. 17 the Caps.  Bonnie Lee Charter Blue boat Guy had 2 day well Spring Salmon and Coho.

Since today Oct 2 the “hot spots” are the Bells side English Bay odds big Spring 30 + pounds and Coho between 6 – 14 pounds.  North Arms between T – 10 the odds Spring salmon and Coho between 6 – 10 pounds.  The Sandsheads South Arm Fraser River the odds big Spring salmon and Coho between 6 – 14 pounds.

This a Gord see Hockey seasons.