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Mar 31 / brendan

Bren’s Top 10 Places to Study on Campus

Here we go! Another exam period is upon us and a great way to manage your time is to have predetermined study spots on campus where you can slip into between your other on campus activities.

I have a few favourites I have sniffed out over the last few years that I will begrudgingly share with you in this list….


Irving K Barber – Chapman Learning Commons

I like this spot if I just need to do some reading. The comfy leather chairs are great to curl up in and read. I find IKB difficult during exam period though because it is SO busy and tough to find a place to spread out. Sometimes you get lucky, try going early in the morning.


The Pool – There is an area above the aquatic centre near the sub that I have a fondness for. It is warm and the relaxing sounds of the splashing water relax you while you study. Definitely a reading only spot though as there are no tables. Also it is way too easy to fall asleep in here. Nicknamed “the womb” for a reason


The Geography Lounge – aptly named as it is located in the Geography building. A good place to study and often not too busy. There are couches and tables and vending machines. I find it a bit loud sometimes but a good place to meet to work on a project or put your head down and study.


Basement of Koerner – I like this spot. Go down to the first floor or even further and bask in personal desks and tables and SILENCE. I have found it pretty easy to find space down there.


Music Library – Go to the top floor of the music building and find this gem. Pretty quiet despite the music and always a good spot. Check this one out for sure.


Law Library – Tucked away inside the Curtis building this one is near Buchanan and the SUB so easy to sneak over and grab food. Not many people know about this one.


Meeeeeeeekison Lounge – Love this spot. You can find tons of places in Buchanan D. On a good day you can get your choice of a table, couch or computer and you always end up running into people you know. Which may or may not be a good thing.


Creative Writing Lounge – Love a good lounge, guess its because I’m a lounger. Try this one out, it’s got comfy couches and a quiet atmosphere.


Basement of Woodward Library – Can’t beat this one, well except for number 1 I guess. But this is the ultimate to lock yourself away and get some solid quiet studying done. Some of my friends are going to kill me for putting this one on here but trust me. TRUST ME…you’ll love it. you might also try the other levels as there are a ton of desks


Centre For Student Involvement! Boo ya! – This is the best. Always room and tons of great people with great advice. There are study rooms booked on Wednesdays and Fridays 12-2 up until classes are over and there is always food around that needs to be eaten. Its in Brock Hall so close to Buchanan and the SUB. Come by We’d love to see you!

Also check out this great source for lots of other great cozy study spots!

CASS Study Spots

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