6 Month Training Plan


Our strength training programs are designed to improve muscular strength by encompassing large muscle groups important for sport skill development and a healthy life of the children without causing high levels of exhaustion or any injury. In case of the improvement lower body muscles and core muscles (abdominals and lower back muscles), our balance/muscular endurance training programs are designed to provide a strong base for team sports while also improving postural muscles. Our flexibility/muscular endurance training programs are shaped to improve upon the children’s ability to use their muscles for longer periods of time and to aid in muscular flexibility. We feel that cardiovascular exercise is key to a healthy life for our youth and therefore it is incorporated in every week of our fitness programs.

Due to the age of the children in our programs, all strength-training exercises are strictly designed to use a resistance of the children’s respective body weights with no additional weight in excess.


All daily routines are conducted over the course of a 2 hour period consisting of:


Month 1

The primary sport focus “soccer” is paired with strength and balance resistance exercises due to soccer’s nature of having a large cardiovascular component to the sport.


Month 2

The primary sport focus “volleyball” will provide adequate development of muscular power in the children’s legs as well as shoulder strengthening and therefore has been paired with fitness training focusing on cardiovascular endurance and muscular flexibility.


Month 3

Basketball as the primary sport provides good levels of cardiovascular exercise and is therefor paired with strength and balance resistance training.


Month 4

Due to the sport of baseball consisting mostly of upper body exercise, we have incorporated a cardiovascular and muscular endurance fitness component to counter-balance.


Month 5


Month 6



In the overview of our 6 month plan, we want to keep the intensity in the kids “Happy Zone”. This means that we want to give a bit of a sweat but light enough so that they can move on, play around and enjoy the rest of the day! The team of ASA BC will utilize a Rating of Perceived Exertion chart to identify the kids sensation (“Happy Zone” = #6-7).



Macrocycle (6 month period)

This graph represents the steady increase in improvement of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility during our 6 month macrocycle program.