ASIS&T Meeting Minutes, Nov 20th

Hi all,

Here are the minutes from our final meeting of term. Happy studying! (And if you haven’t yet signed up to celebrate the end of term with us & ALA at Stormcrow Tavern, click here!)

ASIS&T minutes, Nov 20th/2012

1) Cool Tools debrief

  • turnout was great thanks to overlap with iSchool events; this should encourage further good turnout next term!
  • decided that we should stick with the format of having a guest speaker and a theme for each CT Day in future

2) Social Media Expo update – Allison and Nick

  • team is on track; preparing to send in a video and summary to the organizers in early December – may need actors for the video, and will use ASIS&T mailing list if needed

3) End of Term Events

a) SLAIS Potluck – decided not to mount full-on games night, as most people will be occupied with final projects

b) Board game night at StormCrow on Commercial Drive

  • date changed from Dec 3rd to Dec 5th; Nick to inform ALA, who would like to cosponsor the event with us
  • Sam to make a reservation and send Eventbrite to members – max reservation is for 12 people, but others can just grab tables nearby
  • Nick to liase with ALA (incl passing along Eventbrite link); make poster; post to Facebook Social Page

4) Communications situation

  • Nick will be working on increasing blog/Twitter presence and awareness next term
  • Allison suggested opening blog/Twitter/FB(?) to members to share IT related news and events – Nick to implement
  • Kristof to check with Michelle Mallette about getting onto the calendar and RSS feed for Blackboard

5) Next term – events

a) Cool Tools: noon-1 in the Terrace lab on Jan 8th, Feb 5, and March 5. Sam to book room.

  • Jan 8 to be a “tools for academic success” theme, including Angela Lam as guest speaker
  • tentative ideas for Feb 5 and March 5:
    • guest speaker from Digital Initiatives & “digitization/bookmaking” theme;
    • “open source alternatives” theme (alternatives to programs we use/learn in SLAIS – Access, Dreamweaver, etc)

b) Meetings: noon-1 in Trail room on Jan 15, Feb 12, and March 12. Sam to book room.

c) Orientation for new SLAISers is January 2 – Sam and Nick will be around. We will use the same info slips as this term, and also have an email signup list. If Mary needs people for the panel, we’ll do that as well.

d) Brown Bag Lunch

  • will be discussed further and decided upon at first meeting in January
  • ideas:
    • someone from cIRcle? (Nick)
    • someone from the Faculty of Graduate studies? (Kristof)

e) Tech Tutorials

  • ”Excel in Excel” – decided that this would be a good full-day advanced seminar to run, since Excel skills are needed for a lot of jobs in the field; we should have to budget to pay a professional to come in
  • Sam to investigate teachers, prices
  • other ideas: GIS

f) Outreach

  • not much happening with this yet; Sam and Allison to get together early next term and form a plan
  • depending on the communities/organizations we find to partner with, we could offer formal instruction, or informal “drop-in” days – go to somewhere like Carnegie or Mount Pleasant libraries, or community/friendship centres and hang out a “the librarian is IN” sign, armed with technology and able to answer questions (how to use Twitter/Tumblr/etc, how to share photos online, etc etc)

No other business. Meeting adjourned.

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Games at Stormcrow with ASIS&T + ALA!

Hey all – ASIS&T and ALA are partnering to ring out the term in style at Stormcrow Tavern – come celebrate with us on December 5th at 5pm for games, grog, and general good times!
Check out this link for event details, and to RSVP:


[Note: Even if the event looks full on eventbrite, please do come! We just want to make sure we have a minimum of 12-15 people to fill out the reservation. The more the merrier!]

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Final ASIS&T meeting of term

Hey all,

Come out to the Trail Room at noon on Tuesday, November 20th for our final ASIS&T meeting of term. Items on the agenda include a debrief of our GIS-themed Cool Tools Day, a check-in with the SLAIS Social Media Expo team, and planning events/outreach for next term. Now’s your chance to let us know what sort of IT-related events, speakers and seminars you’d like to see in the coming months. See you there!

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COOL TOOLS – GIS & Data Visualization – WED NOV 14th!

Hey all,

Cool Tools Day is upon us once more – this coming WEDNESDAY November 14th! This time around we’re focusing on Data Analysis/Data Visualization Tools.

From 12-1230, UBC Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Librarian Tom Brittnacher will be giving an overview of how GIS works and some of its applications.

From 1230-1 we’ll do the usual Cool Tools thing – some us will present some interesting/fun visualization tools we’ve discovered – and we encourage you to share some as well! As usual, you can sign up for a 5min slot on our wiki ( – alternatively, email Sam at with your name and the tool you’d like to share, and she’ll add you to the schedule.

Tools already on tap:

Sam – GrandPerspective
Kristof – DataWrangler

Feeling extra brave? Learn one on the fly here – 22 Free Data Visualization Tools – and come show us what you discover!

See you all at 12pm, Wednesday November 14th in the Terrace Lab!

(YES, we know this event overlaps with the pizza event to open the new Greig Lab – think of it as a chance to wander in and out of both, absorbing at your leisure!)

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First Cool Tools Day of the School Year: Oct. 9

Come to Terrace Lab on Tuesday, October 9 from 12-1 to learn about some great tools to help with your academic life.

From 12:30-1:00 Angela Lam from Arts ISIT will talk about Connect and iSchool Central.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have coffee and Timbits!

Cool Tools Day October 2012

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First ASIS&T Meeting!/Meet Paul Joseph, UBC Systems Librarian

Attention ASIS&T@UBC members, new, old, and potential!

The first official ASIS&T@UBC meeting this term will be next Tuesday, September 18th, at 12pm-1pm in the Trail Room (just off the SLAIS Lounge). This is your chance to get involved, and make your voice heard. What aspects of information science and technology do YOU want to learn more about? What kinds of programs can we run that would best serve YOU? Come on out and join in the conversation! We’ll be discussing upcoming events, including our first couple of Cool Tools Days (opportunities for SLAIS students to share awesome new digital tools with each other in an informal setting), as well as some other possibilities for IT-related learning/outreach/fun. Luanne Freund will be joining us briefly to speak about the upcoming 2013 iConference in Fort Worth, Texas – we’d like to explore the possibility of putting together a SLAIS team to participate in their Social Media Expo, and Luanne will have information to share about what that entails.

Our first big event this fall, a brown bag lunch with Paul Joseph, Systems Librarian at the UBC Library, will be on Tuesday September 25th, also at 12pm-1pm in the Trail Room. Read more and register to attend by clicking below: – Register for Brown Bag Lunch with Paul Joseph, UBC Systems Librarian! Space is limited!

Thanks everyone! See you Tuesday!

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Bring your favourite board game to the SLAIS Welcome Potluck!

Hey there ASIS&T members, new and old – do you love board games? I thought so! Just a reminder that the student chapter of ASIS&T will be running an informal board gaming session as part of the SLAIS Welcome Potluck this Friday, September 7th. Bring your favourite game, or simply come prepared to join in the fun! We’ll likely get going in the Trail Room (just off the SLAIS Lounge) by 530 or so, after people have had a chance to eat, drink and mingle. See you there!
-Sam Mills, Secretary, ASIS&T at UBC

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The Art & Science of Reading Digital – only a few spots left

A one-day Symposium at the University of British Columbia.
Register here:

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A New Mailing List for ASIS&T@UBC

Dear all,

UBC is in the process of shutting down Interchange…well, they have been for quite some time.
We want to play it safe and are moving to a new mailing list.
You will receive individual invitations to the mailing list within the next 48 hours.

An overview of the ways we communicate with you:
1) Our blog:
2) Our Twitter account:
3) Our Wiki, mainly for Cool Tools Days:
4) Our mailing list via a Google Group (replacing the Interchange mailing list):!forum/asist-ubc

Meeting minutes, event announcements and other news will usually be posted on the blog and via the mailing list.
A brief summary and a link will be posted on Twitter.
For organizing Cool Tools Days, announcements will include a link to the content for the specific Cool Tools Days in our Wiki.
Everyone can, provided having a CWL account, can then add themselves as presenter for the Cool Tools Day.

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ASIS&T Annual Meeting 2012: Call for Student Volunteers

ASIS&T 2012 Annual Meeting

October 26-30, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Respond by September 13, 2012


To help ASIS&T student members who might not otherwise be able to participate in ASIS&T meetings, we provide an opportunity to attend the sessions and network with other members in exchange for assisting us in running the meeting.  Students who have participated in our program have found the experience “terrific.”


How the Program Works:


In exchange for complimentary registration, we’ll ask you to help us run the conference.  You’ll serve as a room monitor for about three sessions each day for three days.  In addition, you’ll help out either at our registration desk or conference headquarters for a 4-hour period on one day of the conference. We’ve listed below the activities that you are expected to perform as part of the program.


1.             Monitoring Sessions

  We’ll solicit your choices of sessions, by time period, and try to schedule you into the sessions you prefer wherever possible.  Monitoring involves assisting the speakers and moderators, checking for name tags at the door, ensuring that the necessary AV equipment is on hand, encouraging participants to complete evaluation forms, and generally helping makes the session go smoothly. Volunteer will also be required to obtain copies of slides and presentation.

(Additionally, you will be expected to SMILE AND BE FRIENDLY!)


2.             Registration

  Registration assistance involves facilitating the registration process, keeping a record of registrants, handing out materials, etc. 


3.             Placement Center

  The Placement Center office is kept open throughout the meeting for the convenience of attendees and employers to network and interview.

How to Participate:


If you would like to be considered for, the 2012 Annual to be held October 26 – 30 in Baltimore, MD.  Please forward your name, address, phone, fax and e-mail numbers to:


American Society for Information Science & Technology

ATTN.: ASIS&T 2011 Annual Meeting

1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510

Silver Spring, MD 20910

FAX: (301) 495-0810



There are a limited number of positions  available, and applications are considered on a first come/first served basis, so be sure to let us know of your interest by September 13, 2012.





Stephan Addo

American Society for Info Science & Technology

Director of Membership & Meetings

1320 Fenwick Lane, Ste. 510

Silver Spring, MD 20910

PH: 301-495-0900 FAX: 301-495-0810

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