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The following post was originally published on January 17, 2014:

It Begins Here


Well, not actually. You see, I built my first e-Portfolio on Educational Technology in 2012. But that was before I started on the UBC MET Program and long before I started on ETEC565A. (That’s a screenshot of the old site on the right.)

I’m glad that now I finally have an opportunity to learn how to do it correctly. The site I did earlier was okay, but it was coded strictly in HTML and with the help of several books and video tutorials with titles like “How to Build a Website with Dreamweaver”.  And, as you can see, it looks rather clunky.

To be perfectly honest with you (and myself), I cannot guarantee that this WordPress site will turn out looking much better because, quite frankly, my aptitude for “things artistic” is really quite low. On the other hand, my passion for using technology to help students enjoy a better educational experience is very high.  So, I’ll do my best in both the artistic and the pedagogical realms and, hopefully, things will be just fine.

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