English 9

Hello! Welcome Grade 9s

Culture and Connection

The theme for this year will be about learning about what connects us to others and our environment. It also the year to explore new and creative ways to view the world. We will be exploring texts that show us ways of how different cultures and backgrounds connect.

Goal: Broaden their perspective -own identity. How does their identity impact their worldview. 


Resources, Links & Worksheets

Below are worksheets, and assignments. Please make sure to log in to your own Google Drive account and MAKE A COPY.  Label this document with your  Last Name, First Name (Block) Title of Assignment 

  1. What does my name mean?
  2. Cultural Significance WebQuest Worksheet 
  3. 3, 2, 1 Pyramid Response “Why is it important to learn about the past?” 
  4. Learning our Why Survey Assignment