Transparency with Students: Reflection

As a group, my colleagues and I were talking about transparency as an educator with our students. Our inquiry questions all relate to safety for all people in the classroom. It was neat to hear thoughts on different ways to be transparent in a classroom. One colleague mentioned that in a drama class, one teacher asked the students “who are we protecting in this classroom?” before they started an interactive activity. The students had very clear answers on how to answer this question.

On a personal experience from my school visit, my favourite classroom was when the SS 10 teacher prepared an activity where the students had to classify people/things in low, medium and high class. The teacher explained how the activity may make people uncomfortable but to make sure that they think about what society thinks, rather than what they personally think. She proceeded with walking around the classroom, asking them how they felt, addressing their discomfort and validating their opinion. She created a safe space for everyone to feel uncomfortable and to understand that it is part of the point of the activity.

I really enjoyed the conversation and very happy that my school visit applied to my inquiry question.

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