Dealing with Crisis

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Last year around this time, there were two serious crises: Toyota’s recall and Tiger Woods’ infidelity. Both crises shocked the world, and both failed to manage crisis in terms of public relations. In my opinion, however, marketers could learn how to improve public relations¬†from Toyota and Tiger’s mistakes. 1. Respond quickly. It takes a week […]

In 2010, the world cup was hosted in South Africa. It was the first world cup that took place in the Africa continent. Yes, south africans are excited when they knew their country would be the host for 2010 world cup. But how did the world cup turn out? Nay…Not so great for Africans, since […]

Predatory pricing is considered to be one of the most horrible weapon in pricing strategy. Once a firm uses this pricing strategy, its competitors’ sales are expected to stagnate. Meanwhile, the firm’s own profitability might also suffer if the low price can not even cover the manufacturing cost. Although predatory pricing usually leads to a […]

The strategy of co-branding is widely used in the business world. As a consumer, I am always interested in observing how the “chemistry” between two brands turn out. I have to admit that if the “chemistry” really works out, both firms benefit greatly from this “marriage”. First of all, co-branding helps provide better value for […]

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