Culture Jam Assignment

  1. Original ad-

    McDonald’s Big Mac advertisement

  2. Original ad analysis-

    McDonald’s has fed millions of Americans, and others around the world, and remain one of the most popular and preferred fast food joints. This is a billboard advertisement for their speciality burger called “BigMac”. The advertisement, in the best interest of the company as well as the product, advertises a visually pleasing image of the BigMac, only the burger’s image goes over the borders of the billboard to emphasise on the extra big size of their product. The burger looks mouth-watering, with the fresh green lettuce, juicy double patties, and cheese melted to perfection. 

    This advertisement is focused on the target audience of young people who have less time in their days to actually get a decent meal, and would have to end up settling for fast food. This ‘extra big’ burger is intended to appeal those customers, who would now get more for what they pay or someone looking to have their belly full without spending much, for instance, college students.

    Although this image seems harmless from afar, the reality behind these industries is something they do not want the world to know. Although McDonald’s has helped a great deal in making sure that even extremely poor people can afford to have a meal, there is a disturbing flipside to such food chain industries. The flipside to this very appealing advertisement is the reality of slaughterhouses and animal breeding in this country.

  3. Culture Jam ad-

    The flip side of McDonald’s revealing the type of torture these animals have to go through in slaughterhouses.

  4. Culture Jam ad analysis-

    This advertisement shows one side of the billboard to be one half of the burger, while the other is a scene from a slaughterhouse. This new image shows truthfully what happens behind the scenes on ‘the making of the perfect burger’.

    This gruesome side of the food industry has been regularly dismissed by people under the claims that those animals don’t have any rights of their own. Several fast food chains, and other restaurants source their meat from non-sustainable slaughterhouses that show no mercy to the animals that are brought in solely for the purpose of being cut up. People have become so desensitized to the abuse against animals, that they would much rather save a couple of dollars than stand up for the rights of magnificent creatures that cannot speak for themselves. This is essentially a fight for something that could potentially affect the balance of nature. With more people choosing to save time, money, and effort, over taking a stand for justice, such advertisements shine light on the grave problems we have in our society with regard to how we treat other living beings.

    Humans have lost respect towards all beings, including their own kind. They disrespect these animals by giving more money and power to companies that promote such abuse and cruelty against them, and disrespect themselves by consuming the products that such immoral companies have to offer. The most unfortunate truth is that regardless of the torture that these animals suffer through, the companies responsible for this torture continue to make enough sales for them to continue surviving in the corporate world.