October Biorenewables Café

by Valdeir Arantes ~ October 1st, 2012. Filed under: Upcoming Café.

Hello Biorenewable enthusiasts!

Biorenewables Cafe is back for the month of October. Our next cafe will be:

Tuesday, October 9 at the Railway Club on 579 Dunsmuir St. from 6:00-8:00 pm.

The talk will begin at 6:30 pm followed by a Q&A session and networking.

Stefan Muller, Senior Vice President Research and Development at Ensyn Technologies Inc. will be speaking about Ensyn’s technology to produce commercial renewable liquid fuels and chemicals from biomass. Title, abstract, and Stefan’s bio are below:

Producing Commercial Renewable Liquid Fuels and Chemicals from Non-food Biomass with Proven Technology

Ensyn is a producer of cellulosic renewable liquid fuels and renewable chemical products. Ensyn has had continuous commercial operations for several years, producing over 30 million gallons of renewable fuels and chemicals from wood residues. Supported by a strategic alliance with UOP, a Honeywell company, Ensyn is now initiating a significant expansion of production capacity. Ensyn’s core technology, Rapid Thermal Processing, or RTP™, converts residual biomass from the forest and agricultural sectors as well as cellulosic-based, post-consumer wastes to high yields of light liquids. These RTP liquids are a source for a wide range of applications, some of which have already been commercialized and others which are poised for commercial introduction. The presentation will provide an overview will of Ensyn’s technology, current product portfolio as well as new product developments.

Speake Bio:
MÜLLER, Stefan, P. Eng., M. Eng.
Senior Vice President Research & Development at Ensyn Technologies Inc. Stefan has extensive experience developing biomass derived chemicals and products. Since joining Ensyn in 2007, Stefan has been responsible for the development and commercialization of new applications and products from RTP Liquids, produced using Ensyn’s patented pyrolysis process, RTP™. Stefan previously had 11 years of experience in chemicals, 3 of which were in the syngas industry and the other 8 years were in the bioproducts and forestry industries. During this time Stefan held various roles in plant operations, ranging from engineering to plant management to various roles in senior management. Stefan received his Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering from McGill University.

For more information about the Biorenewables Cafe, please join us on LinkedIn and visit our website: www.blogs.ubc.ca/biorenewablescafe

For more information about the Forest Products Biotechnology/Bioenergy Research Group please visit: http://www.bioenergy.ubc.ca/

Hope to see you there!

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