She’s ALIVE! And offers GIFs.

As of tomorrow, April 25, 2012, 2.30pm, my 2nd year as a UBC student will officially have finished.


Cue the “This year just flew by”s and the “I’m gonna be a 3rd year next year?!”s. The end of the year is always a time of mixed feelings, a huge pile of feelings that are settling in my tummy, and ones I am trying to figure out.

2nd year is difficult, more so than 1st year. Like any year, ups and downs were there, but due to personal circumstances I admittedly went through more downs than usual. I will not lie- my feelings are still in the dumps, but the hope is there. There is motivation, and though I am sad, I feel so inspired at the same time. More on this in the next two days- I have a couple more posts coming up- one with more reflection and pictures, another with a lot of reflection on New York, but this post is different. This post is supposed to be my funny one.

Because it’s the sequel to my smash hit of a post from last year, My 1st Year UBC Experience in GIFs, in which I attempt, once more, to express the trials and triumphs of my 2nd Year through that subtle art form, the GIF image.

Here we go- for your enjoyment! Warning that they might load slowly.

Me in September, bright and vibrant with rest and excited to sign up for ALL THE THINGS

Everytime someone goes “YOU COMMUTE 4 HOURS?!”

Nothing could bring me down…

…until October.

Then the cycle of sucky things just becomes routine.

On the bus. Every day.

Losing faith in humanity aka “I thought people got less stupid in uni”

Being in a really painful discussion class with disrespectful classmates


Getting the topic for a paper 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DUE DATE

Night before paper is due

Exam season


Walking away after my last final



I suppose I should continue studying for my last final. See you soon, UBC- I have more GIFs and Hilary Duff music to share.

- Jennine

Study music: paper-writing edition.

My background music, when I write a paper, can vary. Mainly depending on the course itself, or on which part of the writing process I’m in (either the AHHHHH-I-don’t-know-how-to-start, I’m-just-writing-whatever-at-this-point, BAM-I-AM-SO-OWNING-THIS, or I-AM-DOOMED-I’VE-ONLY-WRITTEN-500-WORDS-AND-IT’S-DUE-TOMORROW phase).

Here’s the music that’ll be on my playlist as my paper-writing season commences:

Is there anything more epic than starting that POLI 220 10-page essay with Hans Zimmer in the background? I don’t think so.

In case I end up procrastinating and finishing my paper at 3 am in the morning of the due date (fingers crossed that this will not be happening for any of them).

However, since my first paper is a French one, I’ll be warming up with some Edith Piaf:

And for old times’s sake, the Les Misérables soundtrack was my companion while writing my 3 History papers last year:

What are you currently listening to as you write that paper? Feel free to rec me some music! It’s always appreciated. :)

- Jennine!

It’s midterm season, so I go on vacation.


Well, it was for a family wedding (my dad’s cousin/my godmother), and you can never really avoid those.

I ended up missing three days worth of courses, including a midterm. I will leave the ranting of how difficult it is to study for a past midterm/learn new material after said midterm simultaneously, but to be honest, the trip was amazing. I really, really, REALLY needed it. I swore to myself I’d bring all my study materials and do studying during my free time, but I spent more time actually having fun, which is always a good thing.

As always, my family and I drove from our humble home in Surrey to San Francisco, where a good chunk of my dad’s side of the family lives. I’ve been to San Fran countless times by now- mostly with terribly sad memories (two funerals in a row and all), but with this latest trip, it being for a wedding and all, there was a certain atmosphere to everything- one of solemn happiness, hope and remembrance. :)

Below, under the cut are some photos I’ve taken on the trip- well, during the long drive, where most of the boredom came along. :P I actually forgot to bring my phone half the time for when I was in San Fran- I didn’t want to end up texting back with roaming rates in place.

I went a bit Instagram-nuts- I’ve actually just discovered it recently and as a self-confessed Photoshop lover, it fascinates me.

My family and I almost always long drive to places. We’ve driven to Winnipeg and back (48 hours woo \o/), and after sitting in the same car for a day seeing endless amounts of prairie, while listening to Season 1 of Glee on endless loop or trying to catch a Top 40 radio station, I feel like I can long drive (well, have my parents long drive me) to ANYWHERE.

I’m pretty sure this was somewhere in Washington- Mount Shasta.
My 14-year-old sister is a bit of a kid still- we’re both obsessed with Mukmuk, and she brings this plushie of hers everywhere. It distresses my parents, but I love it.
I don’t even know what this is… but this was me before the wedding ceremony, in full clad make-up and semi-formal dress.
Driving at night… close to Portland here now, I think.
Souvenirs from the trip! Flowers from the wedding and Ghirardelli hot chocolate powder (my absolute fave stop in San Fran).

My top 5 favourite things about San Francisco are as follows:

1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company and everything they do. To me, they’re always a must-stop. Al. Ways. Never will the ice cream fudge sundae get old.
2. Jollibee! The Filipino fast food restaurant that pretty much defined my childhood. They have branches all over the world now, including one in San Fran, but none in Canada. So a stop in the US = stop at the nearest Jollibee. It’s like a trip down memory lane, purchasing the same meal I loved to order since I was 7.
3. Fisherman’s Wharf. Cool things always happen there! When we were there last week, it was Fleet Week, so there were practices for air shows (so scary, but SO COOL) and handsome navy officers strutting around in badass uniforms. Plus, there’s the close up view of Alcatraz that reminds my sister to visit there next time.
4. Family! My parents are young, so it just happens that my dad’s cousins, who live in San Fran, are in their late 20s. This makes for an interesting dynamic when my entire family and I hang out with them. They’re young enough to know what will entertain my sister and I, but old enough to have solid family time with my parents. They always know where to take us and don’t fail to make us laugh. :)
5. Ocean Beach. What a GORGEOUS place. It’s an epitome of the things California’s known for, but at the same time it’s so new and refreshing and just lovely. It blew my mind when I saw it the first time.

Alright, I shall sign off now. I have one last midterm left- my make-up one, go figure, and October is proving to be a veerryyy busy, but ultimately rewarding (I hope) month. I hope it will be the same for you as well!

- Jennine

3 things and a mash-up.

The past week has led me to learning the following lessons:

1. Don’t leave your co-op application to the last minute. I know it’s a hard decision to make, but lean towards one side in the summer and JUST START on the application. The info session will provide the almost the same things as a simple 15-minute browse through the website, unless you want to hear from a couple of people who have done/are still doing co-op terms. The info session would be more useful for international students, I think- they provide important details for you guys.

BUT! Besides frantically rushing my boyfriend to edit my cover letter like a mad man and running around campus to print everything out, I managed to hand in my application 2 hours before the deadline! Fingers crossed that I get a call back!

2. Schmooze and mingle with men who have acted as advisors/interacted with Pierre Trudeau in any way, shape, or form. I know this video has been spammed 10000x and a half (how could it not be, amazing!cochair-of-mine!AJ made it), but let me point 0.18 seconds into the video:

That round-faced rambling girl talking about meeting the French Consul-General? That’s me. And on the same night, I got advice from Jeremy Kinsman, who has worked with Trudeau. This all happened when I attended IRSA’s Diplomacy 101 event last year. And just two days ago, I attended it again. Once again, there was a speaker who was once a special advisor to Trudeau, and he was a delightful speaker.

How easy it is to tell who my favourite Prime Minister is…

3. SIGN UP FOR POLEDANCING 101 WITH NO REGRETS. Yay, AMS Minischool! Someone join me? :D

And before I sign off- study music!

A combo of two favourite songs of mine!

341-99: Commuter Series / The awesome, the meh, and the plain awful.

Finally coming back to the UBC blogosphere doing what I do best: talk about commuting.

I’ll (try to) keep this simple and sweet, with .gifs to boot! First things first- GOOD NEWS.

1. I never expected this from Translink, to be quite honest, but once I saw that they were making system-wide changes starting September 5, I couldn’t help but sneak a peek.

I then find this:


Let’s just say this will give me 15 more minutes of sleep, which is BIG for me, mind you.

Yes, it deserved the huge font.

Me at first:

Me now:

I’m Patrick, off to look at my SSC and see if I owe UBC any fees so that I can get my U-Pass with no fuss (except for the pains of lining up, but I digress).

I have veerrryyy mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand, okay, fine, I get it, they had to do it. It’s shiny enough, I don’t have to constantly look at my face, and getting it is surprisingly easy (well, if you’re early). On the other hand, getting it every month can turn out to be a pain- especially if the machines have tendencies to break, you need to have your UBC Card when you present it, and well, old habits die hard. I just remembered today that I should get going and get the U-Pass for October- that was the moment it hit me I’ll have to remember every. Single. Month. >.<

I don't mind it, really, it just bugs me a lot that the machines can go down anytime.

3. I never thought I'd have an actual concrete BAD experience, but I just had the worst 99 B-Line ride of my life a week ago.

You know, as someone destined to be a commuter for her entire academic career, I have slowly been developing a patience for it, even gained a slight liking to the me time that commuting can bring. It gets difficult, but I'm starting to tolerate it.

But it's really, really hard to do that when the three 99 B-Line buses are LATE, making the crowd waiting at all the stops 3x bigger than usual. THERE WAS A CROWD AT THE SASAMAT ST. STOP. There is never, never, NEVER a big crowd of people waiting at that stop. NEVER.

The worst part? This was at 1pm. Not rush hour in any way, shape or form. Heck, I went on an earlier bus to make it for my class on time, and with one bus, the legendary 99, I still ended up late.

Needless to say...

I didn’t mean to end in such a negative note, I swear. Here, have a kitty:

Your Resident Commuting Ranter,

P.S. Slowly revamping the blog. I’m trying to make each and every page more interesting, more visual and all. Stay tuned!

My, who is this?

Honestly, the most legitimate reason I can come up with as to why I haven’t been blogging is that, so far, my summer has been dull (compared to, you know, Miriam’s and Rabi’s and Lillienne’s :P). That doesn’t mean I don’t have things to say, though (and gifs to post) so expect more Jennine!posts in [...]