UBC’s coat of arms are at the Univeristy of Queensland, how cool is that?

Building the Great Court / Source: The University of Queensland Library At my exchange university, the University of Queensland (UQ), There’s this really great space in the centre of campus called the Great Court. Picture a big grassy area with trees where students can relax in, surrounded by an enclosed by old sandstone buildings and [...]

3rd year.. is finally done..

It was so exhausting this year on top of all the ECs. But along the way I have learned a great deal and my life and personality gradually changed… for the better I hope! But yup 3/5 of my undergrad is gone and done.

Unfortunately many of my friends weren’t done by the time I was done.. I was seriously becoming socially deprived and bored out of my skull. Fortunately DHL was done the day after I was done so we hung out. We ended up playing Super Smash Bros. on N64. Ah, what a classic. We spent a solid 4 hours playing and unlocking the secret characters. SO NOSTALGIC. Those were the days, playing retro video games non stop. I miss my own N64.

We ended up going to Sushi Garden and ate to our heart’s content. There were line ups as usual. Even for a table for 2, we had to wait 30 minutes.

And then I went on a shopping spree at TNT in Metro. I think I bought 10 pounds of fruit lol and a hotpot pot! I’m excited to have hotpot at home; it’s much more delicious when you cook food at home. Well, most of the time. Anyways, almost broke my back hefting the stuff back home. All in all, it was a great day.

Sushi Garden near Metrotown

Occasionally I go to Metrotown to hang out with DHL and the only restaurant I end up going is Sushi Garden. It’s pretty tasty and really cheap compared to sushi places near where I live. Not to mention this is a sushi restaurant owned and managed by Koreans, so their spicy dishes are a big plus.

Seafood Salad

 Cost: $5.95      Taste: 4/7

+ Lots for a cheap price, plenty of seafood. Ah tako is delicious.
+ Flavor was good, the “secret” house sauce made it stand out

- Unfortunately, there was so much water on the bottom of the salad, and it kinda diluted the flavor/made the salad soggy. This happens if the veggies were frozen…

Spicy Salmon Sashimi

 Cost: $8.95      Flavor: 5-5.5/7, depends on the day

+Now this is spicy as I remember when I was a kid back in Korea. The spicy sauce reminded me of those summer days.
+Certainly a lot of sashimi
+The white carrot or daikon or whatever those white strings are at the bottom, they make a nice accompaniment with the soft sashimi texture.
+If you upgrade to the wild salmon, it’s certainly much more better in texture, but not quite sure if it was worth the additional charge ($12.95)

-It may be too spicy for some. My friends couldn’t handle it. But it’s Korean spicy! So good.
-It was good when I had it during lunch. But when I came back another day for dinner, there was certainly something… “fishy” with the salmon. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was off. It was more slimy I think…

Dynamite Combo

Cost: $7.50    Flavor: 4/7

+That was a huge prawn.

-In all honesty it’s just an average dynamite roll

House Roll

Cost: $4.50      Flavour: 4.5/7

+There was so much stuff. I remember it having cucumbers, tamago, tuna, imitation crab, roe, and a little mayo

-There was so much stuff.
-I had to take bites, and you know what happens when you bite into sushi. It falls apart and makes a mess..

Kitsune Udon (Plain)

Cost: $4.95    Flavour: 4/7

+My friend DHL loves udon. Gets it every time.

-Just your average udon in my opinion (Sorry DHL!)
-The fried tofu just looked so… soggy. It kind of looked like a mess. How about having those small square tofu you find in miso soup instead? Oh but they sink… If they float that would be cool.

This restaurant is not bad. I would just come for their spicy sashimi really because I can’t find that sauce anywhere else. And they have great, great prices for a sushi restaurants. You should see Kerrisdale’s sometime and compare. Ajisai sushi anyone?


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She’s ALIVE! And offers GIFs.

As of tomorrow, April 25, 2012, 2.30pm, my 2nd year as a UBC student will officially have finished.


Cue the “This year just flew by”s and the “I’m gonna be a 3rd year next year?!”s. The end of the year is always a time of mixed feelings, a huge pile of feelings that are settling in my tummy, and ones I am trying to figure out.

2nd year is difficult, more so than 1st year. Like any year, ups and downs were there, but due to personal circumstances I admittedly went through more downs than usual. I will not lie- my feelings are still in the dumps, but the hope is there. There is motivation, and though I am sad, I feel so inspired at the same time. More on this in the next two days- I have a couple more posts coming up- one with more reflection and pictures, another with a lot of reflection on New York, but this post is different. This post is supposed to be my funny one.

Because it’s the sequel to my smash hit of a post from last year, My 1st Year UBC Experience in GIFs, in which I attempt, once more, to express the trials and triumphs of my 2nd Year through that subtle art form, the GIF image.

Here we go- for your enjoyment! Warning that they might load slowly.

Me in September, bright and vibrant with rest and excited to sign up for ALL THE THINGS

Everytime someone goes “YOU COMMUTE 4 HOURS?!”

Nothing could bring me down…

…until October.

Then the cycle of sucky things just becomes routine.

On the bus. Every day.

Losing faith in humanity aka “I thought people got less stupid in uni”

Being in a really painful discussion class with disrespectful classmates


Getting the topic for a paper 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DUE DATE

Night before paper is due

Exam season


Walking away after my last final



I suppose I should continue studying for my last final. See you soon, UBC- I have more GIFs and Hilary Duff music to share.

- Jennine

EOSC 118 is filling up my newsfeed on FB.


Haha, I feel their pain as I took the course last term. It was.. hard. Certainly a lot more facts than I had to know for a first year course. And it was painful, almost pure memorization. I felt like there weren’t enough reasoning behind the facts for me to connect the facts together like science courses. I think majority of the people were complaining how they were expecting this course to be a GPA booster while it caused them to do more work than their other courses for a meager grade.

I did enjoy EOSC 114 Natural Disasters more though; made more sense. However, it’s hard to sometimes do extremely well in those thinking courses because… thinking’s hard. But that’s why we’re in university right?

Study break for me and study breaks from high school

As in, I spent a study break on reading an article from CBC about people taking breaks from high school:

The number of absences is too damn high!

Churchill (wow) came in second in the highest number of absences, with Killarney as number one…

The stats are a bit misleading because there are higher number of students in schools at the end, and UHill is so so small…

Ahem, the fact here is we all know what happens at April 20th… not that I’m condoning anything.

Full article here: http://www.cbc.ca/bc/features/school-absences-report/