Come to Beyond the B.Sc!

Today is the last SCI Team event! Come join us at LSC at 5PM to find out what other people who were once undergrads like yourselves did after their long journey in UBC. We’ve got mentors from different career specializations such as:



There will be roundabout discussions and free food as always! The important thing is, come and be interested in the many possible careers that you can go for after the B.Sc!

Moments where movie scenes come to real life

Ever had that deja vu moments, and then realize, “oh, it didn’t happen to me before, but I saw it in a movie”?

if you’re going to say no, then fine, this is where this blog post ends. However, should you choose to accept that this has indeed happened to you, then maybe I have a story to tell you…

I knew today was going to be a bad day. It started off with shivering cold and wet pavements, and I just felt sad and not motivated at all. Guess I had a moment of feeling pathetic… fallacy :D HAHA ok I’m serious now.

Anyways, I entered a class that I really really felt that I should have dropped since January and get my money back. I was learning nothing but it was too late to drop it. And I was stuck with it. Argh I felt frustrated that I was forced to go. Today I entered the class with my friend with the feeling that I was wasting my time and had absolutely no reason to pay attention.

But the thing is, I didn’t feel crappy coming out of today’s class. I wasn’t quite sure why. Was it because we learned something today? Was it something the instructor said? Something was different. Maybe it’s the fact that I just gotten used to this class and I reflected on it. Or maybe it’s because I’m appreciating how each course I’m taking this year has something different to offer, and how much I get out from each course depends on my effort.

Anyways, this really reminded me of the scene from The Matrix where Neo first meets the Oracle. And she says something like this:

“Don’t worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, you’ll start feeling better. I promise by the time you’re done eating the cookie, you’ll feel right as rain.”

Except today the cookie was a granola bar. :)


Bus conversation #1

I’m going to start having some recurring posts just to get me back into blogging. 1st term this year was good because I tried to keep a sort of daily journal, but in 2nd term…. I pretty much had the same things to talk about so I abruptly stopped.

Bus conversations are something that happens to me on a daily basis (well on the weekdays at least) and some of them are worth mentioning. Today was with LS again. We had a long talk but the fun stuff was about baby naming LOL. Here’s sorta how it went.

LS: “I want to name my boy Lobule.”
Me: “…That’s… an interesting name… why?”
LS: “Because it’s unique and it sounds good!”
Me: “What does that mean anyway?”
LS: “A hexagonal tissue piece of the liver.”
Me: “Umm… whaa… but..”
LS: “I never really thought of it until my bf asked about it. And then I thought of PHYL 301 stuff.”
Me: “But… lobule?”
LS: “Yeah!”
Me: “Okay what if it was a girl?”
LS:  ”Lobula.”
Me: “*long stare*”

PHYL 301… you have turned the wheels of fate.

Warning: Helicopter Parents are circling UBC med school…

Did anyone read this from the Vancouver Sun today?

The article mentions that there are parents who are trying to influence the UBC Medical School application process for their children; some by speaking to their MLAs or offering to pull out chequebooks who say, “What would it take to get [my kid] into this medical school?”

While I do understand that UBC med school (and all med schools as far as I’m concerned) is extremely competitive, helicopter parents do feel the pressure to do whatever it takes to ensure the best future for their children. But they should understand that there are students who work hard and apply on their own, and applicants should be judged solely on their own abilities without additional support from outside influences. Future med students should be those who are able to handle being a doctor by themselves. Parents aren’t going to be there forever to look out for kids.

The examples mentioned in the article about parents intervening:
1. Apparently there was one UVic surgeon whose daughter submitted her documents too late and was subsequently rejected, despite 6 warnings. He was trying to plea to the admissions board to accept her application for consideration using his connections as a “Victoria surgeon with an affiliation to UBC” by “showing his full email which included his full signature — clinical faculty, UBC and University of Victoria”. It was unknown whether her application was accepted.

2. Howard Waldner, CEO of the Vancouver Island Health Authority, asked Ida Chong, a cabin minister for the Liberal Party, to get his son considered as an In-Province (IP) applicant, even though he was studying at U of T and thus not considered as IP. IP applicants have somewhat of an advantage compared to Out-of-Province (OOP) applicants because there are less spots for OOP applicants for UBC Med School (29 spots for OOP vs. 259 spots for IP). Other medical schools follow suit in Canada with the exception of Ontario med schools. Ida Chong sent a letter to persuade the decision, but UBC Med still stood by their decision.

What disturbed me the most in this article is the fact that two influential members of the Admissions committee resigned… One was allegedly giving “preferential treatment given to a few applicants whose well-connected parents intervened on their behalf during the applications process”.

I hope this isn’t happening in this application cycle… Competition changes people and makes them do things that they may not be proud of…


TB warning?

Did anyone get an email from UBC saying that “one of your classmates may have Tuberculosis?” And that we should get ourselves checked???

We have a PLAGUE among us! Haha it’s easily treatable… I think. Is it? 9 month treatment course of Isoniazid, last time I remember.

But I wonder how that student got it in the first place. It’s not like TB is common here in North America. Maybe he/she went to Go Global.

I need to keep in contact with people

whether it be friends, family, co-workers, in academia, or just random people I meet for the first time. I have a rather nasty schedule that prevents me from doing so. I’ve been reading a good friend of mine’s blog which I haven’t read since last year. Yes, sorry MJ I’ve been meaning to read it for a while… But I read it now! Anyways, I read something from his blog that prompted me to write this post.

About 8 months ago he wrote a very sobering post on how relationships with anyone can really influence the course of your life… How just a simple meet and catching up with someone can make an impact, even though it doesn’t seems like it. And how much of an impact will it make then, when you lose that someone?

It was painful trying to imagine losing close friends… Those who made my first two years of UBC so memorable; hour long phone calls, study parties, birthday parties, drinking parties, parties in general, eating at new restaurants, playing Mahjong and Brawl.. Though to be honest, I feel like my good friends are slowly drifting away. I’ve only seen them once since winter break because of a lot of stuff that’s been going… And I should make the effort to hang out with them, but it is getting progressively difficult as the term goes on. I feel weird because some of my friends  actually read my blog >_< haha well I feel like I owe it to them to explain myself.

OK my goal this week is to make the best conversations to anyone I meet! This… may include strangers :) But most particularly I miss seeing my friends on the bus and having conversations all the way to UBC… SV about how first year science is going so far and his entrance to the pre-med life, EZ about classical music particularly Beethoven and piano quartets, TinyT about her days as a pharmer, LS (Rusalka) about her days as a pharmer-cologist, and of course the guy who inspired me to write this: MJ. There’s only a finite time in which I’ll stay in contact with all of them right?… I must. make. the. most. of. it. and… cherish.


My excuse for not blogging since Reading Break

Excuse my French

So right when I got back: no social life, <6 hours of sleep everyday, and spent most of my entire week at the silent upstairs floor of Woodward Library while feeding on granola bars and the 8PM special at the village. Never had something this bad before in my life.

Anyone else have tough weeks like this? Compounding midterms? Work issues? Share via comments! Rant here plz. I know there are others out there who have had worse situations (cough cough DC and his 3 day no-sleep-spree from coffee).