Reflection from the Ordinary

Everyone I meet at UBC… is amazing.

Everyone has special talents and skills and it’s super insane! From past school presidents, to musicians, to artists, to singers, I met so many talented people. In fact it’s incredibly difficult to run into people who aren’t awesome at UBC.

Err. Except maybe me.

Not that I’m not awesome or anything, we ordinary peeps are full of that ;D (just kidding, I’m still just ordinary and maybe a little boring)… I just feel like I don’t have super extra curricular talents.

I wanted to blog about being “ordinary” because of the off chance that some people are feeling just as insecure as I am on the giant campus that is UBC… where people of awesomeness come from all over the world.

But let me tell you something, regular people, maybe it’s the fear of failure, or just simple hesitance to go out and try… but if there is something you want to become good at… something you want people to look at you with shocked expressions of “What?! You can juggle 6 flaming torches while riding a unicycle!?” … then UBC is the perfect place to do that! Loads of opportunities!

…I mean, maybe I’m not part of an orchestra as the second most important violinist, maybe I’m not 15 and in first year university, maybe I haven’t climbed up a mountain before…

BUT I’m in blog squad so HA.

…Just kidding!

There’s lots of ways to get involved and if you don’t even know where to start… Let me lend you a hand. Head to Brock Hall, go to the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers! They are super friendly there! And if you feel like getting involved AND approaching strangers is too much in one go (Trust me bro, I know the feel) then try starting your search online right HERE.

But hey, if it’s still bringing you down, look at it this way.

…In a world full of talented people… aren’t the ordinary people the rare and unique ones that should be treasured and loved?! AKA WE’RE SPECIAL.

No, but seriously. If you’ve always dreamt of being a dancer, take a class at UBC REC Center, if you’ve always been interested in stars, join the Astronomy Club. LIVE YOUR EXTRACURRICULAR DREAMS. Cause you CAN!

…But maybe after exams.

I should be studying.