Want help applying to UBC? See the online mentorship program!

Hey all!  So over the last few years, I’ve been grateful for the chance to mentor a number of high school students – mostly referred by word-of-mouth. So, thank you to anyone who passed on this site or my contact information. It’s high time that we made this into an official online mentoring service! The … Continue reading "Want help applying to UBC? See the online mentorship program!"

How to prepare an Integrated Sciences proposal

As we transition over to  http://shannayeung.com/blog tell me which posts over the last 3 years have been your favourite! So that I’ll be sure to move those over. http://shannayeung.com/prepare-integrated-sciences-proposal/ Other recent posts on the new site http://shannayeung.com/preventing-procrastination/ http://shannayeung.com/study-tips-stay-top-assignments-studying/